1. bickern

    Chas Hodges (Chas & Dave) RIP

    Chas Hodges of Seventies musical duo Chas and Dave dies 'peacefully in his sleep', aged 74, after battle with cancer. The message was posted to the account's 11 thousand followers this afternoon. Chas had been suffering from battle against oesophageal cancer. The 74-year-old was part of...
  2. Billy Joe

    Was,call me Dave,right.

    Has David Camerons stance against an open door policy for refugees,migrants economic or otherwise been proved to be correct in the light of developements in Germany.I assume there will be those in denial as it was in the Dailymail. SUE REID warns sex attacks by migrants have unleashed dark...
  3. B

    Dave Mackay Dies.

    Sport Obituaries - Telegraph This obituary is a couple of days old, but a great footballer has played for the last time. Some of the older generation will remember him, I certainly do. Bill.

    Dave allen

    There is a program on tonight at 10.00 (uk) BBC2 about the life and times of this very funny comedian. Needless to say if he were alive today,he would not be caught dead in a Wetherspoons !
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Gaia Dave

    Here's wishing you have a great day Dave, I am sure you will enjoy a few scoops. Hope to see You and Jane in Yalikavak this year. :cheers:
  6. arrian

    Dave Allen

    I've often wondered why none of Dave Allens' shows haven't been shown on tv, and last night I discovered why. having watched as many programmes as I could many years ago, when I found that there were some documentaries showing last night, I settled down to watch. he was just as funny now as he...

    Help dave

    DAVE NEEDS YOUR HELP.. Twice an hour, Dave has to leave the comfort of his sofa and make the arduous 70 foot round journey to the fridge, just so that he can have a cold beer. For as little as £2 a month, you can help Dave and others like him by providing a mini fridge and the means to...
  8. RedBloodedHound

    Dave Brubeck dies.

    Dave Brubeck jazz musician and Living Legend dies aged 91. Best known for Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk. Dave Brubeck - Take Five - YouTube
  9. Yalides

    Dave Sexton

    Ex Man United Manager dies.
  10. pineapple1

    Dave Lee Travis Arrested

    In connection with the JS case !!!! ...I'm shocked because I liked him !!! Dave Lee Travis 'Arrested By Savile Police' - Yahoo! News UK
  11. L

    Anyone know Julie & Dave Booth from Bolton?

    Hi all, Have a slightly weird question. Hubby has been speaking to a lovely couple on his beach who are friends of Julie and Dave Booth from Bolton. They've come on holiday to Turgutreis, where Julie and Dave apparently have a house, and they'd like to see their friend's house/ villa...
  12. A

    Dream Box Dave

    Yet more great service from this chap....Have been in the UK for 6 months and on return to Turkey on Friday...we had no electric no internet no phone and no dream box, the electric was sorted straight away, the internet was half working but the bill was 700tl nearly passed out, mad, cant...
  13. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Dave "Perfect 1949"

    Dave hope you have a fantastic day Happy Birthday!!!!! :474cu::474cu::474cu::474cu: Mo xx :blowkiss:
  14. altinkum kev

    Subscription renewal Dave's dreambox

    Message from Dave today. Would all my customers that wish to renew with the service, please email me before making any payments to the shop or ozzy. I need to update records before money is exchanged. If you make payment and do not email me, this could result in a loss of service. If your...
  15. G

    Message for those on Dave's server

    Hi All, Message received for all those on Dave's server... To all my customers First of all a very merry xmas to each and every one of you, and a healthy new year A cpl of points you may need to know 1. All updates have been successful 2. Some channels have vanished from the 28.2e...
  16. Dave-Tomlinson

    Hello from Dave & Jan

    Hi Guys, Just a quick hello and a chance to introduce Jan and myself. We are both under 50 (just) ! And are looking at moving to Fethiye ASP, we are both Woking in the UK at the moment, Jan is in the care sector and I'm self employed as a driving instructor. We both love the daily "rat race"...
  17. suecheshireuk

    The reason perfect Dave 1949 is staying away.

    Sorry, but I just couldnt help posting this. I was talking to Dave last night and he is doing fine, and this morning I saw how much the thread had expanded regarding Daves non posting... so happily reading through, then the " heated" debate started, and it is this sort of thing that has stopped...
  18. J

    Wish to contact Dave & Lynn Munro

    Hi,can anyone help put me on contact with Dave & Lynn Munro. Private matter ( not the end of the world type issue) Best Regards Jim Dowling
  19. Lyndsey

    Dave the Bus

    I have seen on facebook tonight that "davethebus" has died. Although I did not know him (we have mutual friends) and I knew he was a member of this forum. Here was one of his last posts on the forum: http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/madcow-s-tales/37613-madcows-stories-3.html#post425072...
  20. T

    Dave from Torba

    Hi Dave I do not know you but I have just been in Jacks Place in Gumbet and that song you made for him is great . If anybody is in there ask to hear it
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