1. S

    Festival dates Alanya 2017

    Does any one know any dates for Festivals and events this coming May and June in Alanya or Konakli?
  2. A

    Toddler play dates?

    Hi, I just moved to Gumusluk (Koyonbaba) a few weeks ago with my hubby and 2-year old son. We dont know many people here yet and would love to meet other families with toddlers. Respond or PM - would love to meet more people in general here too! Cheers, Annika
  3. Mojive

    Sept 10th Easyjet realease dates for Spring 2016

    HI for all who may have missed on other thread just read 10th Sept is the day of release dates for Spring 2016, Hope you all get a good deal :roundgrin: Mo xx
  4. suzyq

    Turkish government considers moving up election dates

    Turkey’s government is considering plans to hold general elections scheduled for June 2015 one or two months earlier, with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu instructing assistants to make plans on the issue. Turkey’s elections are currently set to take place on the first weekend of June 2015, but...
  5. T

    Expiry dates - Turkcell Top-up cards

    I phoned Turkcell from the UK to top-up my moby as I didn't want to loose the number again! (apparently I was 1 day late last time :mad2:) I gave the operative the number on my top-up card which I had taken out of the cellophane just before I phoned them. I was asked to repeat the numbers 3...
  6. Harem

    Memorable dates

    Forget about 11.11.11 that will happen again in 100 years' time, but today's date 20 11 2011 will never happen again.
  7. C

    Beautiful villa in Yalikavak - last minute dates available

    I HAVE JUST REALISED I POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG PLACE We have some free dates, at a reduced price, in our lovely villa in the centre of Yalikavak, between 19 June and 9 July. This is a lovely time to visit, before it gets really hot. Our villa is ideally suited to young children with a cot and...
  8. L

    Visa\RP Expiration dates. Extending Visa?

    Hello, I have two related questions. I am a student. I was orig. planning to be here for one semester but now I'm here for two... Question 1: My visa expires before my residency permit. Which is dominant? Does the permit replace the visa, or should I go by the Visa's date? Question 2: How...
  9. K

    Completion Dates?

    Hi, I'm reviewing the draft contract for a penthouses in phase 2 and notice that the seller has a "grace" period of 270 days from the original completion date. Only after this "extended" completion date will they consider recompense. From your experience is this grace period reasonable? I...
  10. G

    akbuk dates

    hi ladies ,when are any of you out and about in akbuk again ? i will be there from next sunday ( yessss) until 8th august .if you want to meet up or whatever let's have the dates ,and pm our numbers .
  11. icebern09

    Holiday Dates

    Can anyone tell me if this sticky is no longer active. Merlin is now apparently a non active member ? and some of us are having a hard time entering our dates. Or is it just me again :frown:
  12. shirleyanntr

    members dates Alanya area

    just an addition to Jez asking who lived in the Alanya area lets post on here those of us who are always around..and the dates for those coming this year. Alanya area can include Demirtaş(Garys Missus) Mahmutlar Kestel Tosmur Oba Alanya east/west Konaklı Türkler Avsallar İncekum..and of course...
  13. T

    Motocross at Oludeniz 2008 dates

    Hi, Please Help, I am trying to find the dates of the Motocross at Oludeniz, I am sure its in late April 2008. Cheers
  14. L

    Aegean Flights Cancelled from Birmingham certain dates

    Hi, Due to lack of response, Aegean Flights have cancelled flights from Birmingham to Dalaman from:- 3rd Nov - 15th Dec 2007 19th Jan - 8th March 2008. If you have booked during these dates they are offering Manchester seats or full refund. Joan
  15. lilacdiana

    school term dates

    Hi can anyone let me know the dates of the Turkish school terms or contact details of who i ask?! Not sure if the terms are the same in all areas but i am looking for the Bodrum area in particular. I need the term dates from Jan onwards. Many thanks Di
  16. Gill

    going to turkey-old dates

    Why don't we remove the old dates for this section,there are many 2006 months still on there. I know the forum people work hard and we all benefit from their efforts but if they get time why not delete the old dates and set up the ones for the rest of 2007? Gill
  17. E

    Holiday Dates

    Hi Datca Folk Hoping to go to Datca in April and July/August this year Just wondering if any TLF members will be there. It would be interesting to know dates when folk will be in Datca as it may be an opportunity for some TLF members to meet up AND /OR share transport, drinks, good company...
  18. lorraine

    Calender dates for Turkey

    The site below is for information regarding religous holidays until 2008. Calender of Religous dates and holidays in Turkey :)
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