1. S

    Date of birth

    Saw this today on my Turkish Facebook. Interesting fact. Useless but interesting. Add your date of birth to your age now and it will be 2019. Apparently this will only occur this year. The wonders of numbers eh! Try it.
  2. S

    Travelling Back To UK on Visa Expiry Date

    Just wondering whether anyone had experienced any problems at passport control when exiting Turkey on the day their visa expired. Our visas expire on 7th October and I presume that the visa expires at midnight on the 7th/8th October. Thinking of booking a flight and want to be sure there's no...
  3. christella

    Her First Date

    Her First Date If you didn't see this on the Tonight show, I hope you're sitting down when you read it. This is probably the funniest date story ever, first date or not!!! We have all had bad dates but this takes the cake. Jay Leno went into the audience to find the most...
  4. I

    Out of date!

    It would be a good idea to look at the dates on goods in so called Pork Shop in Dalyan. I did not notice until too late that some things I bought were out of date. They can be used but best to be safe and check. Also prices appear to have gone up quite a bit, especially on baked beans. Has...
  5. butt007

    Shirleyanntr funeral date

    Hello all TLFers. All signatures from next of kin have now been received at the Belediyer and the funeral time is below. I hope many of you in the area will be able to get there Shirley's funeral will be at 5.00pm Saturday at Cikcilli behind Alanya. Warren:33::33::33:
  6. Lez Zetli

    SGK validity linked to Residence visa end date

    I've been covered by SGK health insurance through my Turkish wife's membership for many years. This week I went to a hospital for treatment; they said that I wasn't in the SGK system and would have to pay full price. I went to local SGK offices who explained that membership is deactivated when...
  7. suzyq

    Windows 8.1 release date, news and features

    Microsoft has revealed full details about the comprehensive update to Windows 8, now known as Windows 8.1 and formerly known as Windows Blue. We've also had plenty of time with the new update and are running it every day, so check out our brand new Hands on: Windows 8.1 review. The Windows 8.1...
  8. S

    Expiry date of Ikamet?

    Hi don't know where to find this out and wondering if anyone on here would know. My sons resident permit runs out on the 2/2/12 and we are flying back into Turkey on this date with his new passport to renew his permit (he needed the new passport to renew the permit). I know from the ikamet...
  9. B

    Altinkum Sea Front

    Well they have started but will they finish in time? that is a lot of blocks and a lot of work to do in 12 weeks, but saying that when they get started the Turkish workers can really get a move on.
  10. C

    past use by date

    i have just discovered that my jar of soy sauce has a discard date of june 2007. could this be the reason for hairs growing on the palms of my hands and my hair falling out? what can be the effects of eating out of date food?
  11. luckycat68

    Sat 23 rd July -- date for your diary

    Some of you will probably remember that a few weeks ago I said that we would hold a charity raffle & hopefully an auction to help both Rosemary and myself ( I help care & feed the local animals & get neatured , when funds allow ) We did not seem to have much support so the date was put on hold...
  12. B

    Dongles - up to date costs?

    Hi :255ji: I know this is a subject done to death, but does anyone know the current price of dongles plus top up please? A few weeks ago, I saw Avea advertising a dongle for 89 tl and gazzer, bless him, went to the shop and confirmed the price for me. Problem is we are out on Friday and I cant...
  13. superpp

    Hisaronu Carnival date?

    Hi Has anyone seen the date for this years carnival advertised anywhere? Normally at the end of May.
  14. arrian

    Blind Date Shock!!!!

    how weird is this!!! Woman?s Blind Date With Long Lost Brother - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  15. D

    Tapu date

    Can anyone help? I know that it is common practise to put a lower price on the Tapu and I know that it is better to wait the 5 yrs before selling BUT when is that date calculated from? Is it the date on the TAPU or the date an agreement to buy was signed? Many thanks Barbara
  16. qwerty

    Wedding Date

    Friday 29th April Royal wedding date set for 29 April | UK news | Bank hol, 4 day w/end, that's 2 in April!!:becky: Also Bishop suspended over Wills and Kate 'seven years' gaffe | People in the News | People | The First Post If he's going to Calais, I hope he doesn't use the...
  17. K

    Up date

    Hi all hope everyone is well, we moved in last weekend to our new house and we are all most there living room, 2 bed rooms,kitchen and bath room up and running not cheap starting again but good fun, great to sit on a comfy sofa again after 4yrs sitting on a brick!! Will have a beer on you all...
  18. perfect1949

    sell buy date

    i think some of the threads are past their sell buy date dont you ? like summer in yalikavak that keep rumbing on , like the same restaurants keep comeing up all the time so what,s the point of the thread now . dave
  19. Sirinyergirl

    Out of date residency permit - a question

    Hi everyone, My five year permit expired in October 2007. I left Turkey in April of that year and didn't return due to a change in my personal circumstances. I still have my book. In February this year I bought my apartment in Didim and have travelled over several times. The plan is to move...
  20. G

    Dalaman marina officially launched a start date

    Dalaman marina officially launched a start date Dogus have announced on their website the project will start 2011. Doðuþ Grubu > Sektörler > Tourism and Services The project is anticipated to take 30 months Town hall meeting also held in dalaman "Dalaman Marina and Sea Bus Berthing Place 1 /...
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