1. JBK44

    Question Contact at Garanti Bank

    Hi, does anyone have contact details for Garanti Bank in Datca, we have been trying to call them for several days but phone remains unanswered. An e-mail address would be ideal or any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Su & John
  2. C

    Living off-grid - Datca Turkey

    We are back in Datca and are preparing for our off-grid adventures at the end of the peninsula (yes our sanity has been questioned). 6000 m2 of land with almonds olives, gorgeous view, beach but no services. Anyone on the forum been similarly afflicted?
  3. K

    Oktoberfest Datca 2018

    Will be held for 3rd year. 6 - 8 October Datca Sapphire Hotel information and reservation: 0252 712 4499 The famous Oktoberfest Beer Festival, which was traditionally held in Germany in October, is also celebrated in Datça on the same days. Oktoberfest Datça 2018, which will be held for the...
  4. E

    Datça is busy tonight

    Wow, how busy is Datça tonight? I've heard there isn't a room in Datça or Marmaris for bayram. One good thing though, no one was trying to drag us into any of their restaurants
  5. suecheshireuk

    Dalaman airport to Datca

    Well, I thought I had already asked this, I just cannot find the thread, so maybe it's hidden in another topic. I think I need to go from the airport to the otogar in Marmaris, then take the bus down. Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get to the otogar ? Are there buses outside the airport...
  6. Yildez Datca

    Want a house in Datca?

    My neighbour told me today that he is selling his house - I'm really sad as he and his wife are truly excellent neighbours. It's very difficult to find a house, rather than an apartment in the central area of Datca, as it's not economic for the builders. This is a semi-detached, 3 bed, 3 bath...
  7. U

    Bodrum Airport to Datca

    So... seems we arrive to late for the Ferry. Is there a shuttle or will it be a chain of Havas to get me there? Last time I came ten years or so ago I drove (over the mountains in a rainstorm) and the road seemed to be being built. But I guess they've probably finished by now. But if I can get...
  8. M

    New construction plans in Datça

    Somebody forwarded this interesting article to me from 'Hurriyet'. It talks about a large new planned development in Datça, which is something that will probably have an impact on all us ex-pats who live here or who have houses here. Does anyone know any more about this? Opening of Turkish...
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Earthquake off Datça today

    Anyone feel this? A 4.5-magnitude earthquake rattled the Aegean Sea early on Dec. 8, according to an official statement. The epicenter of the quake, which occurred at 8:20 a.m., was 31.1 kilometers off the shores of the Datça district of the Aegean province of Muğla, the Disaster and Emergency...
  10. A

    New to Datca

    Hi I’ve just recently moved to datca so don’t know anyone here. I am wondering if there is a meet up place us Brits frequent or anyone would like to meet up for a coffee sometime. Also does anyone know if advent calendars can be bought in Turkey at all. I have 3 kids that’s won’t want to miss...
  11. M

    Datça to Altinkum

    I'm planning to visit a friend in Altinkum, on or about 16th October, any advice on best travel arrangements would be appreciated.
  12. L

    Turkish Bath/Massage in Datca

    Hi, Does anyone know any nice places in Datca that have a good turkish bath or do massages? Somewhere not too far from town that can be reached without a car would be great. Thanks, Laura
  13. A

    Datca Airport Transfer prices

    Dear Datca Friends & Turkish Living Members, can you kindly let me know how much you have recently paid for taking the minibus from Transfer Datca to Dalaman airport? It would be great if you could share this information with us. Greetings from London.... but we will be in Datca next week :-)))))
  14. L

    Rhodes to Datca

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever travelled from Rhodes airport to Datca. I can't find any direct ferries and going from Rhodes to Mamaris to Dacta seems like a huge hassle. Thanks, Laura
  15. G

    Word of warning for dog owners in Datca

    I felt as I needed to warn all other dog onwers out there of the dangers of their dog finding and eating poisen bait while out on their walks. Three days ago we lost our beautiful 10 month old Golden retriever while on her daily walk. She was never to return home. Walking the same walk for days...
  16. C

    A Year in Datca

    Maybe more........ Mehves (Turkish), and I (Australian) are leaving Sydney to house sit and start a simpler, more adventurous life. We look forward to spending time with like minds, learning new things (Turkish!), and having time to think/create. We'll be happy to volunteer, help out, play...
  17. S

    Transporting goods from UK to Datca

    Does anyone have recommendations of how to do this cheaply? We don't need to transport furniture but other household goods and books. Anyone driving who might have room for a couple of boxes? Many thanks.
  18. Q

    Kuruka Buku - Datca

    We are visiting Marmaris is September and have chartered a yacht for a couple of weeks. Have been before so know of some really nice places. Does any one know if it's possible to moor alongside a pontoon in Kuruka Buku. It looks like you can anchor offshore but with just the two of us it can be...
  19. M

    buses to Datca and Marmaris

    Does anyone know the times the buses leave Marmaris for Datca and times the buses leave Datca for Marmaris please and what time is the last one leaving Datca for Marmaris thanks:12:
  20. P

    holiday in Datca - What to see and do?

    Could you give us a few tips on how to see the best of datca.:thankyou.
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