1. S

    Turkcell Data

    Hi Folks What’s the number you ring or text to find out how much data- not cash credit or calls- you have left on your Turkcell sim Cheers
  2. S

    data sim card

    Hello all, Please can anyone tell us the cheapest place to buy a data sim card, Avea or Turkcel. thank you.
  3. bickern

    Free VPN - UK Data Centre

    Not used myself as I have a paid one but... Taoist V.P.N virtual private network (VPN) 100% free, No Ads, No Malware,24/7 Up time,USA,UK and Canada VPN Servers Taoist VPN Application simply provide fastest and most reliable FREE VPN connection. you are free to choose from three data centers...
  4. S

    Swopping data sim in Turkcell Vinn

    Hiya, does anyone know if a different data sim can be used in the Turkcell vinn? For example can I put a UK data sim into it and use it like I would in Turkey? Thought I'd ask first in case anyone has tried it rather than buy one here in the UK only to find out it doesn't work :) Thanks Sara
  5. W

    Ttnet data usage

    I regularly check my data usage , I have watched sport via Kodi for about 2 hours and the rest of my use is browsing and emails - no downloads. Have just checked and am showing 8.3gb download and 2gb upload. That amount of usage is a mystery to me as the first hour on Kodi only took up 1.5gb. It...
  6. N

    Turkcell 3G data only sim Questions.

    I hav just purchased a turkcell data only 3 g sim with 10 gb of data . It seems to be a prepaid card for which I paid in lira . I have been reading up on how to keep the sim active with the possibility of online top up when I'm back in the uk. What I have read confuses me slightly and suggests...
  7. Kingfisher

    SGK data to be sold to pharmacetical companies

    How do those members contributing to the SGK system feel about this? Turkey?s social security institution to sell citizens? information with draft bill - RIGHTS
  8. N

    turkcell data package

    I have just had a 10 gb package sim for 3 months useing it a lot less then when on 1 month 4gb all ways had plenty left on 1 month 4gb/ but 10gb package seems to burn it up my neigbour has same problem and my friend is any body else having same problem. no streaming NO programs running in back...
  9. Mushtaq

    Android phones leaking your data?

    A a weird thing happened today that has made me worried about security on my Samsung android phone. Yesterday I created a new email account on a private server (not hotmail etc) to test something out, it's totally new account no one knows about. Today I sent a test message to this account from...
  10. A

    Pay as you Go Data Sim costs in Turkey

    Does anyone know how much a pay as you go data SIM will cost in Turkey and where can I purchase one in the Akbuk/Altinkum area
  11. John LeNeve

    Iran data censoring?

    Reports today indicate that Iran has begun a program where tbey indend to sensor and or block communication of their citizens. New flagpoles in Iran spark rumors of clandestine satellite jamming technology | Fox News Does this surprise anyone? Not me.
  12. tomc1984

    Unlimited data dongle/sim card

    Anyone know where in Yalikavak I could get a sim card for a dongle which has unlimited data. I want to use it to watch tv but told by the turkcell shop across road from ATM machines , the most is 10 GB.
  13. Sirinyergirl

    Help! External hard drive with valuable data giving problems

    My external hard drive won't let me gain access to my data. I've just come over from Afghanistan for some personal business and I'm heading back there again tomorrow. I brought my HD with me and it was my intention to back-up the data whilst I was here - but I can't. I don't know what's...
  14. essex_girl

    Turkcell online data PAYG top up

    Is anyone able to tell me how I can top up my payg data for my iPad please? Many thanks
  15. B

    3G data on iPad

    Good morning, some of you may be interested in a micro sim product offered by Turkcell for the iPad. It is a pre paid data only plan which ranges from 500M one day for 5TL to a 10Gb 3 month plan for 79TL, with various options in between. It is data only, but you can always use Skype for voice...
  16. mollag

    No data for Israel

    The data from the newly installed missile shield radar in Turkey will not it seems be shared with Israel. Im not a great fan of Israel but if info was available that a misssile was en route for Tel Aviv, all politics aside, the right thing to do would be to share that info IMHO. Any thoughts...
  17. J

    PAYG Sim with data

    Hi i am heading to Turkey in July, I would like to know can i use my iPhone over there for 2 weeks with a turkish sim without registering the phone? And also how much would it cost to get a PAYG sim which i could possibly use for mainly data like 1GB if possibly so i could use facebook, twitter...
  18. M

    Data Protection

    Yesterday I had a telephone call from a company called DVSL. Firstly they asked me to verify my name and address, which they gave me. They said they had some important documents to deliver to my next door neighbour, but couldn't contact him. This gentleman moved about eight months ago. They...
  19. Mushtaq

    BT in privacy row after sending customer data to ACS:Law

    BT sent more than 500 customers' details, unencrypted, to law firm chasing illegal file sharers Josh Halliday, Wednesday 29 September 2010 18.44 BST BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, sent details about its customers to ACS:Law, the firm of London solicitors at the...
  20. John O' Dreams

    Hillsborough data 'may be withheld'

    Hillsborough data 'may be withheld' A former Cabinet minister has raised fears that the planned release of secret documents related to the Hillsborough disaster could be halted by the Government. Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham told the Commons he was concerned by reports that suggested...
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