1. V

    Dask & home insurance renewal with HSBC

    My dask & home insurance is due for renewal next week. I have received 2 text messages which state that HSBC will contact me to renew. Does anyone know if they are actually getting around to contacting people in the UK during Covid or should I try to get in contact with my branch? I have...
  2. L

    Help! Rebuild Insurance Bodrum Merkez (not Dask)

    Hi All, I need to arrange my Building & Contents insurance for property in Bodrum. Not Dask, that done. Problem I have is knowing the rebuild amount on my separate building insurance. How/where can I get this from? Can an owner set this value? Or does the insurance company? The quote I have had...
  3. J

    Dask insurance

    We are over in Turkey in May, could anyone advise where we can get Dask insurance. Would Milas be better than Bodrum?
  4. D

    DASK quote ?

    does a dask quotation have to include the area of the garden as well as the living accommodation or just the living area ? thanks
  5. R

    Dask in Yalikavak

    Could anyone advise if there is somewhere in Yalikavak where we can go and get our Dask insurance, thank you
  6. D

    Renewing Dask Insurance from UK

    Is there a way to get earthquake insurance in the uk? Mine needs renewal but can't find it think it was axa?
  7. L


    Do I have to pay for Dask earthquake Insurance for my Holiday home ? - I have a Tapu but no Iskan cert yet - Isn't it the Building companies responsibility for the Insurance until I have full habitation paperwork? - also how much is the cover per annum? :seenoevil
  8. S

    renewal of dask and house insurance

    Hi everyone we are having a problem contact bermant (next to migros in fethiye) about our renewals does anyone know if there is a problem?
  9. C

    dask insurance

    trying to get dask insurance have emailed sammi in didim but no reply. anyone know best [cheapest im a skinflint!] to get it from? thanks
  10. S

    Top Up to DASK Insurance

    Can I buy a top up to my DASK - I understand the DASK clears away the rubble but I want to insure for the cost of rebuilding my villa? I have turkish residency and I'm going round in circles
  11. tomc1984

    Dask warning

    Did not have a copy of my Dask so went to enquire at Garanti bank. Found out that I was not covered, assumed it had been done automatically but no. Took out new one. Just as well no earthquake. Heard similar from other banks too. Just a word of warning to check.
  12. g&t


    How do I get a dask.I have full buildings and contents cover with Aviva.They said they can't get us dask.Akbank said they can't because we don't have a Turkish iD number and to get this we need 6 months resident permit.Intasun say they can get it for ten quid if we take out insurance with...
  13. L

    selling - do you need a dask?

    When selling a property do you have to produce a copy of Dask insurance ?
  14. B

    Dask Insurance.

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - DASK to become bigger priority for expats This is the first time I have heard of this law. Is everybody else aware of it? Bill.
  15. scotssteve

    Dask- one way or another!

    And another rule change Anyone going to register a water or electric supply in addition to Tapu & Habitation will now need to produce Their DASK insurance!!!!! No Dask = No Water/ No Electric! They are determined to get everyone to buy it. You have been warned................................
  16. S

    DASK,T/C No reqd????

    Hello Went today to renew DASK and was told due to new law to renew it my T/C number was needed. Fortunately I had mine but have never heard of this new rule. Has anyone else?
  17. E

    DASK 20% discount

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Insurance section or here, well in here will find those looking for bargains. If you renew your DASK within 30 days either way of your expiry date on the old one you can get 20% discount on the price of the renewal. I don't know if this is common knowledge...

    More reasons you must have Dask Insurance.

    Turkey is tightening rules for mandatory earthquake insurance, making the government decree a law and limiting services to homeowners without protection, Hurriyet reported. Turkey Tightens Mandatory Quake-Insurance Rules, Hurriyet Says - Bloomberg Beginning in August, it won’t be possible to...
  19. Briand

    Dask insurance

    1. Dask insurance what does it really cover is it only the removal of rubble. 2. Lets say you live in an apartment block of ten and only half are occupied is your insurance void because the rest are not insured. ( question does the builder have insurance on all empty apartments where you live...
  20. T

    Dask & insurance

    I would like to know who is the best insurance company to use for an apartment in Alanya any ideas please?
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