1. S

    Dark days ahead

    Has opposition floundered https://ahvalnews.com/turkish-politics/its-system-deadlock-turkey-facing-darker-days-ahead
  2. bickern

    Cameron to 'go dark'

    Cameron to 'go dark' and write memoir that will make him MILLIONS: Former PM to spend next year writing his autobiography (with the aim of beating Blair's whopping £4.6m advance) David Cameron plans to disappear from political debate in coming months Former leader aims to score bigger advance...
  3. T

    Dark bread in turkey

    Hey guys, I love turkish food and feel very comfortable trying new stuff all the time. But I can't get myself to eat turkish white bread. So far I was not able to find any alternatives in any super market or local bakery (I'm mostly in Dalyan - Mugla) They sometimes sell those "not so white"...
  4. Spurs

    The dark web

    Listening to some of this fellas community & friends, some are realistic & are saying "he was radicalised locally by someone close to him". Then they interviewed the local Inman, his response was "its the dark web". All the smells of superstition. Get a grip FFS, its in some of your places of...
  5. B

    Voters left in the dark.

    Election 2015: Voters 'left in the dark', says IFS - BBC News I agree that none of the major parties are spelling out how they will pay for all of the promises they are making. Bill.
  6. bal canavar

    Dialogue In The Dark

    If you are in Istanbul any day up until the 19th May its worth going to Gayrettepe Metro station as its hosting " Dialogue In The Dark " its a sensory experience allowing you to experience life as a blind person and there every day life. You are led by a blind person through a set of...
  7. P

    Help - Topps scratch cover dark wood

    Has anyone this product please. I threw some out 2 months ago when moving house, in the event I could buy new if I needed some. It has been discontinued for 15 years. I am willing to pay for it and postage.
  8. bickern

    What have Muslims achieved since the dark ages?

    Richard Dawkins has apparently enraged quite a few with his remark "All the world's Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge." The thing is, if this is a true fact then can he be seriously called a bigot?
  9. B

    Effes dark brown

    Just back from Turkey having initially flown into Istanbul and spent five days in Istanbul before taking the 15 hour coach ride down to Datca for some much needed R&R . Coach trip actually very good and time went quickly Istanbul for those who have not been is in my opinion well worth a visit...
  10. S

    TLF dark side...

    I and others have often preached TLF like any other forum is exactly that ONLY a forum not real life. Over recent days I yet again have had pms/ emails from well meaning Tlfers re darker aspects to certain members- both ( imho) trivial and more serious. As indicated by my polite but firm...
  11. tallulah

    journey through the Dark.

    Let the darkness overwhelm me, The eternal night be my friend. Concentrate on breathing, Until the bitter end. I hold the breath inside my lungs For the longest time to last Let it go reluctantly, In case it is my last. Let me go with a sigh, Not a fight, Embracing the dark, Whilst...
  12. Firefox

    Obama Visits in Dark

    Barrack Hussein OB landed at 4am in Afghanistan and quickly whisked away by heavy security. The most Powerful man in the world visit was kept secret and in the dark. One of the ugliest PR stunts of the US for quite some time. Now it explains the mass murder, public urination on victims...
  13. ceemac

    Volcano casts its dark shroud over Gallipoli

    MANY Australians' hopes of commemorating Anzac Day at Gallipoli have been thrown into disarray by the worsening volcanic ash crisis, the biggest disruption to global aviation since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Here C
  14. ceemac

    Armenian Children Forced to Read in Dark

    'Children from Armenia are attending classes and reading smuggled textbooks at an illegal school in the basement of a building in Istanbul. Forbidden to attend Armenian minority schools under the Lausanne Treaty and the Special Education Law, these children could not go to school even if the...
  15. tallulah

    The Dark of Night

    THE DARK OF NIGHT. As I lay in the dark of night With you my love beside me In the dark denied of sight With only touch to guide me Scent of night flowering blooms Surrounds us, matched only for me By the scent of you. Passion spent, you lie sleeping And I wonder do you dream Whilst there at...
  16. A

    How dark is it

    Hi Was just wondering ,I will have to drive from Bodrum airport via the back road to Akbuk (well Apollonium actually). This will be my first drive as my usual "driver" isn't going this trip. It will 28th August and will leave airport at 9pm, it takes about 40mins to get there. Can anyone tell...
  17. Joe in Tasucu

    The blood dark track

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/sep/07/celebrity This is an article from The Guardian about Joseph O'Neil. I haven't read Netherlands, the book they are discusing, but his story about his grandfathers (one Irish and one Turkish) called The Blood Dark Track is very good and interesting...
  18. S

    when does it start getting dark ?

    Hello, I just looked at my favourite website : the webcam on the rooftop of Korumar Hotel, overlooking the sea, it is 14:50 Turkish hour now, and I see some lights are on already ?? Is is getting dark so soon or is it just a cloudy day today ??
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