1. suzyq

    Fridge Freezer Danger

    This article although long was written by the London Fire Brigade in 2015 and is worth reading. We are calling for fridge freezer manufacturers to act now to make their products safer. More than one fridge freezer fire a week Despite seven deaths and 71 serious injuries in London since 2010...
  2. bal canavar

    A Danger for the Pope

    Is it a good Idea and safe for the Pope to vist Istanbul ? to tour the Ayia Sofia when at the moment it is controversially in dispute over its present status , between radical Muslims wanting it to be returned to a Mosque , whilst secularists and Christians quite happy for it to stay a...
  3. W

    Danger on beaches

    Just seen this, it makes you think. Islamic State threaten to target Brits on Turkish beaches | Latest News | Latest Breaking News | Daily Star
  4. giglets

    MI5 Warns of Islamist Extremist Danger in UK

    Thousands of Islamist extremists in the UK see the British public as a legitimate target for attacks, the director general of MI5 has warned. In his first speech since taking over in April, Andrew Parker gave an update on the dangers to British security. He named al-Qaeda and its affiliates in...
  5. B

    Israel/Syria danger.

    Syria: Israel considers strike at chemical weapons - Telegraph I sincerely hope that Israel hold back on any possible attack on Syrian chemical weapon stocks. The USA have tried to persuade Israel not to go ahead with an attack,with the uncertainty and unrest in...
  6. pineapple1

    Danger Sweetener Kills !!!

    found this information posted on another site and felt it important to post here. I'm sure it will be apreciated:- Just a warning the new sugar substitute Xylitol is posionous to dogs one teaspoon will kill a GSD, this advice has come from UK vets. It is also in some processed foods/candies and...
  7. val2661

    Danger backpacks!!!

    I travelled to UK out of Antalya airport yesterday, and I have decided that backpacks should be banned! Do people (particularly men) not realise how dangerous these things are? They pack them with hard heavy stuff, put them on their backs and seemingly forget about them. They then proceed...
  8. F

    guns and danger

    Got up this morning went on to the balcony as usual with a cup of coffee and to have my first fag of the day only to find yet another dead bird not the first time been going on now for a month or more and no not the cats some sicko turkish man over the back from us wit a high power rifle ! Nur...
  9. butt007

    Danger Pickpockets

    A few days ago myself, wife and friend were travelling on the Dolmus from Konakli to Alanya it was a Friday afternoon. I am always pretty carefull with my cash and either put it in my wallet or take just my cash and put it in the leg pocket of my shorts and push well down to the bottom of the...
  10. SAMIMI

    DANGER in pools!

    I woke at 6.00am this morning to sounds of splashing and wailing! On looking out the window, I saw a dog in my neighbours pool swimming frantically round and trying to reach up to get out. The pool is 3/4 full, there is a steel ladder and NO steps. Two other dogs were frantically looking...
  11. peter the postie

    Moderator in danger of being banned shock!!!

    TLF Moderator Gail is in serious danger of being banished from the TLF Clique after posting inflammatory comments on the groups board. Gail commented "This is a rubbish clique, I want to be in a clique where we get free cadburys chocolate and fruit pastilles and I don't think I am going to get...
  12. M

    pets in danger ?

    A disturbing article for owners of pets in the bodrum area Reproduced from TDN Animals poisoned in Bodrum Saturday, April 5, 2008 YAŞAR ANTER BODRUM - Doğan News Agency Pet owners in Bodrum are worried for their animals' lives after several recent poisonings of pets. Six dogs...
  13. Tonya

    Danger on the beach

    I heard the story yesterday of the 3 year old that died on the beach in Cornwall. They were playing in a 5ft deep tunnel that collapsed on them and a tonne of sand buried the little girl. So so sad, my hubby always says I over react when they dig holes, but I will only let them have their legs...
  14. murdo

    Summer driving danger

    As reported via yahoo/sky news... Friday August 5, 11:00 AM Warning: Your Flip Flops Could Kill You Wearing trendy flip flops could kill you, according to new research.The fashionable footwear - ideal for the beach in hot weather - are putting the lives of road users at risk.Three in every...
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