1. lara

    Ankara Kocek Dancers

    I'm not sure what I think................................ YouTube - KÖÇEK ?OV
  2. Germaine

    Break Dancers

    I reckon these guys will give the break dancers on Dolphin square a run for their money !! Unbelievable strength.
  3. YogiPJ

    Turkish Traditional Dancers?

    Hi Does anybody know of, or have hired themself maybe a group of Turkish "traditional" dancers? We are talking quality, not the break-dancing shows you sometimes see which are about as Turkish as fish and chips. Don't get me wrong, they are ok but not what we are looking for. Many thanks...
  4. shirleyanntr

    male belly dancers

    a couple of weeks ago i saw a young boy belly dancing in the Dedikodu bar wasnot part of an act..his friends urged him up. What a performance...he was stunning. Then i saw this article about male belly dancers so thought it might be of interest on the forum :) Male Belly Dance in...
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