1. S

    I'm New and Happy To Be A Part Of This Community

    Hi All, I'm very happy to be able to join this lovely warm and helpful community. I am extremely nervous about purchasing my first ever Villa in Kalkan after visiting for the first time a month ago. The Villa we are thinking of buying has damp issues and hasn't been rented out for the last...
  2. S

    Damp & air con

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent company that can sort out damp proofing> each year i have the same problem and they do the same job informing me that it won't come back!!! obviously it does. I need to sort this out permanently as my villa seems to have a reoccurring problem. The other...
  3. A


    Hello, I know this question will almost receive the old “how longs a piece of string” - however, fixing damp on internal walls, is this a huge cost in turkey? I see people commenting it’s difficult to find good plasterers? Has anyone had any damp work done and could give an idea of how much...
  4. R

    Rising damp cure

    Has anyone found a cure for rising damp? After wet winters botton 12inches of walls in one bedroom are damp and paint peeling off. After heavy rain this week, already got damp patches at bottom of walls. A local I have asked says damp courses are very bad in Turkish houses and,after a couple of...
  5. Peter&Janette

    Damp Friday

    Driving in to work this morning, damp and drizzly. Put Califonia Soul on by Marlena Shaw and instant sunshine! Bring on the weekend !
  6. S

    Damp !!!!,

    Hi, Please has anybody had a problem with damp And have it fixed, and happy with the work, like it worked And has not returned ?, Had mine so called fixed, plaster off, re skimmed , back now like it was never done !!, wast of time and money, Any help please, in the bodrum, gumusluk area Thanks
  7. R

    damp and flooding problems

    does anyone know of a surveyor to check my ground floor apartment in kemer side ive had this problem from the first winter i bought apartment in 2009 but Ersa homes keep bodging it up rather than getting to the bottom of the problem i am at a loss of what to do next as they are refusing to do...
  8. D

    Damp around door frames

    We have damp coming through the walls on the corners of the walls at the door frames on some of the doors...i was sure I had read a thread on how to deal with this but I've gone back 3 years and can't find it! Can anyone advise what to do about it...it shows up as orange stains where the corner...
  9. eshek

    Damp proofing

    hello We have just bought a villa in Urla which has no damp proofing. Does anyone have any suggestions how this could be remedied. Is damp proofing by injecting (a waterproofing solution) into the base of the building feasible here? If so the name of the solution please Thanks
  10. B

    Trusted Trader/ No termites the damp has killed them all.

    Hi All, We purchased our apartment at Ilica several years ago and every year we complained to the developer regarding the problems. Well despite his best effort or rather lack of effort the dreaded damp and mould return. I am ashamed for this developer, children have had to be removed from the...
  11. T

    Damp Problems - Builder Required - Side Area

    :boink:We are travelling to Turkey in the next few weeks and wondered if anyone has recommendations for a decent builder that specialises in damp repair. We have some real ongoing problems and suspect we might need outside rendering, waterproofing, re-tiling and insulation, roofing and...
  12. R

    cupboards smell of damp

    Any advice on how we can rid the cupboard of the smell of damp and fust. Is fust a real word??? Mmmmm I don't think so. The cupboard in question has been washed, bleached and left open for weeks on end. Help. Please.
  13. A

    Solar venti system

    :255ji:[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have installed a Solar Venti system in my office since this room has very little sun orientation and used to get lots of damp. I hae noticed a great improvement of the indoor climate and can only recommend the dehumidification system. Actually, I plan to install...
  14. C


    hi have some damp coming on the corner of my bedroom ceiling. never had this problem before can not fathom it out some advice on how to treat sorry for being thick lol thank you.
  15. martin m


    Hi everyone Now i have had this problem for a considerable length of time, DAMP in a small section of wall, its about 1 foot above the floor and 2 foot away from the door frame, and all in all covers an area of about 18 square inches, So what i need to know is where is it coming from, the wall...
  16. Briand

    Air vents no more damp

    Bought these airvents from screwfix last year when we moved in our new apartment and fitted them in every room and they have worked a treat. This time all bedding just felt cold but nice and dry just goes to show what a good circulation of air makes all the difference, all the walls nice and dry...
  17. mrsed

    damp proof barrier paint????

    I realise this is an old & much gone over topic!!!! I remember reading about somebody advising about a "paint"/ barrier that was applied to the interior walls that helped prevent mould & damp which you then paint over (as it left a sticky surface)- I have searched many pages & can't find the...
  18. C

    Problems with Yalikavak apartment

    I am hoping for a little advice from members who may have experienced difficulties with building defects. I purchased a new apartment in Yalikavak July 2007 as an investment (Oooops!!). I have rented the property out to a Turkish resident for the last year. I have two separate problems: 1. One...
  19. S

    Damp Royal Heights Tuzla?

    Dear All, Any owner from Royal Heights struggling with Damp issues?
  20. C

    Damp Olive Tree apartment

    Hello Everyone I’ve just registered with the forum. I live in south west London and have a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment on Odek’s Olive Tree development in Gulluk. After receiving my Tapu in October 2008, my wife and I flew to Bodrum in March 2009 to furnish our new apartment. Imagine the...
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