1. bickern

    Groom sues his bride for damages

    He may have agreed to take her for better and for worse, but for one Algerian groom, seeing his new wife without make-up was a step too far. The husband was so shocked after seeing his bride's face the morning after their wedding that he failed to even recognise her. He even accused her of...
  2. Spurs

    Mcanns get damages

    It was/is a sad story & no amount of money can compensate for their loss. It will be interesting to see if they actually get the money or could it be like Turkey? Madeleine McCann's parents win libel payout - BBC News
  3. bickern

    France to pay damages to Somali pirates

    You could not make this up. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The European Court of Human Rights says France violated the rights of Somali pirates who had attacked French ships and has ordered compensation for them over judicial delays. The nine Somali...
  4. Thechefster

    Developer wins apartment damages

    This was on UTV website and news yesterday. Developer wins apartment damages Buyers who failed to complete on seven new apartments in a Belfast complex have been ordered to pay damages of more than £430,000 in total. Buyers who failed to complete on seven new apartments in a Belfast complex...
  5. ceemac

    Urine Damages Space Station

    Okay, I'll say it first - are they taking the piss here? Astronauts' urine is clogging the £150 million water recycling system on the International Space Station, Nasa scientists said. Here C
  6. Martyn

    Keegan awarded damages against Newcastle

    Read all about it here.
  7. merlin

    Fire damages Ankara airport....

    NTV Firefighters have extinguished a blaze at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport that severely damaged the domestic terminal. The fire broke out in a cafeteria located in the domestic terminal just before midnight local time, later spreading throughout the building. The blaze was brought under control...
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