1. N

    The damage by guests

    hi just want to share this we had last minute booking in September for 10 days for 5 adults .after 4 days of their stay when cleaners went for midweek clean they noticed a cut on leather arm of the sofa.it looks it was done by a sharp object like knife.when we asked the guests they totally...
  2. N

    Toilet paper can cause serious damage???

    Yesterday we woke up to find out our drainage pipe had blocked and the waste water and, well... sh*t... from our apartment and the one upstairs was coming back up through our drains and toilets! Our landlord sent over a rather useless plumber, who tried to put acid down and instead ended up...
  3. W

    damage due to weather

    Can anyone tell me if there is any damage at sunflower due to the recent bad weather only im due out on thursday just wondering what to expected dont want any surprises. Thanks vicky E1
  4. Mushtaq

    New injection that 'cuts heart attack damage by more than half'

    The devastating effects of a heart attack or stroke could be reduced by more than half by a simple injection, a new study suggests. British-based scientists are developing a treatment they say could reduce physical scarring of the heart and brain by more than 60 per cent. The research has been...
  5. Philogic

    Roof Damage

    Hi, I have been told that the roof on our apartment block has been damaged during the winter. I have building insurance for my ground floor apartment but there is no mention of the roof. Are we all responsible for the roof or just the apartments directly underneath? they of course will suffer...
  6. F

    Crİmİnal damage

    Allow me to say my name this is Fenasi and I have apartment in Bitez also live in London the stories about vt not being good is true, and I also want to talk about them when they were told to leave AK-TurSitesi the company came back with many men who had sticks and chains and baseball bats ...
  7. bobthenob

    lnternet Storm Damage

    "Boy",what an eventful 2 weeks l had without the cyber conversations on the forum. Two weeks ago were huge menacing storm clouds rolling in from the SW of Akbuk.As the storm clouds eerily approach my house and growing fast by the seconds suddenly produced a all mighty clap of lightening that...
  8. J

    Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spine

    Those wacky Saudis and their eye for an eye justice system! Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spine - Yahoo! News UK
  9. C

    Storm Damage 11th & 12th September

    thunderstorm my god we are having a bad thunderstorm and loads of rain i know i was fed up with the heat of the past 3 months and wished for rain but never seen it this bad this time of year becareful what you wish for :wow:
  10. T

    Warning nokta can seriously damage your health & wealth

    Please anyone wishing to buy property in Turkey this summer, be very careful. I would advice any potential buyers, be it in Bodrum, or elsewhere to read this forum & type in Nokta or Estatemar. You can draw your own conclusions from the postings......I only wish I would have had this...
  11. Y

    Rain damage, builder needed Yalikvak!

    Hi Due to heavy rains in Feb/March this year, my property has suffered some rain damage. I also have a problem with damp, due to bad construction. I need to find a good, reliable, cheap builder who will repair damage, insolate property so it doesn't happen again next winter. Anyone know...
  12. W

    Water Damage Warning

    Just got back from a nightmare weeks holiday from Altinkum where we found our apartment and contents damaged by water. It seems that during the last winter months our drain hole grill covers had got blocked with muck and dead leaves allowing water from heavy rainfall to build up and make our...
  13. L

    Bodrum, damage & rain.

    For any owners ready to come out to properties in Bodrum (maybe also in other regions but can only speak for this region) get ready to spent some of your first visit of the year cleaning,painting and plastering. This winter has been one of the worst for years for storms and rain but now we...
  14. M

    Storm damage

    HELP PLEASE - Storm damage Hi everybody, We've just had some bad news from Turkey. Apparently there was a dreadful storm in Yalikavak last night and our beautiful new glass partition wall along one side of the terrace was totally ripped out and broken. Thank goodness a friend is there to take...
  15. G

    Insurance - Storm Damage Claim

    We had storm damage to our house early last year (April/May) and, among other things, had to replace the roof. The property management company brought an assessor from the insurance company and he gave the ok for us to go ahead and have the house repaired. We gave the bills to the property...
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