1. Tenpin

    Info Dalyan diaries: Discovering Turkey’s secret little gem

    Dalyan diaries: Discovering Turkey’s secret little gem https://www.dailysabah.com/life/travel/dalyan-diaries-discovering-turkeys-secret-little-gem Extract: Off the beaten path from Turkish vacationers, Dalyan is a secret hideaway for those in the know and it happens to be one of the most...
  2. L

    Renting in Dalyan

    Can anyone tell me the cost of a rental in dalyan or does anyone have a property to rent
  3. mamish

    Recommended vet in Dalyan

    We've heard that there is a very good vet in Dalyan who has done some training in Germany and also services Ekincik. Can anyone offer information? Many thanks.
  4. R

    Estate Agent in Dalyan

    I know this is a very subjective quetion but i am looking to buy a villa in Dalyan, initially for holidays and to rent out but then to move out in 4 years, we have stayed there many times and have also done a long term rental, are there any estate agents people would recommend and any to avoid...
  5. P

    akbuk to dalyan

    hi folks am driving from akbuk to dalyan in june. has anyone driven this route anything thing to see on the way thanks
  6. L

    Dalyan Christmas Fair

    Hi Everyone, could anyone tell me when this year’s Christmas Fair is on please?
  7. K

    Dalyan Turtles

    An inspirational article about efforts to protect the turtles on Iztuzu, with some excellent photos. https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/turkey-loggerhead-turtles-95-year-old-woman-conservation-photography-a8584506.html
  8. G

    Dalyan - Still Lovely

    Having spent most of the last 10 years holidaying at our place on the Bodrum Peninsula (sold last year) we're just coming to the end of a delightful week in Dalyan. We were last here 6 years ago. For old times sake we had our first week back in Gumusluk, about 12 miles from Bodrum. Completely...
  9. S

    Bus Dalyan to Milas

    Can anyone please advise as to bus arrangements for travel from Dalyan to Milas . Thanks
  10. ScoobyZ

    Just bought in Dalyan!

    Hi, Been lurking for a while and read and got lots of great tips on Turkey. I have been going for quite a few years and have really like Dalyan so have bought a Holiday Home / (maybe) rental property. Buying with Sunray who seem very reputable and hope to finalise he transaction in November...
  11. H

    Dog groomer and vet around Dalyan

    Nearest recommended dog groomer and vet to Dalyan please
  12. S

    Dalyan Dentist - a warning

    This is a cautionary tale. I was in Dalyan when my bridge snapped. It was a three tooth bridge. I had four days left of my holiday and my tongue was sore due to a sharp piece of metal from where it snapped. I went to a dentist in Dalyan on Ataturk Bvd. He said he would have time to fit a new...
  13. bickern

    Dalyan Documentry

    A teaser for 'May You Go Laughing' - a feature documentary about the community of Dalyan, Turkey. Subtitled in Turkish and English. https://vimeo.com/215079258
  14. D

    New Dalyan group set up in Facebook

    There is a new private group accessed via Facebook called The New Dalyan Area Exchange, which is an informative group to exchange ideas, and buy, sell and swap, pet-sitting etc. This has been set up with the blessing of Lorraine Thomas after the sad and sudden passing away of her sister...
  15. S

    Can anyone recommend a builder in Dalyan?

    Hello, I am helping my parents relocate to Turkey. They want to build there own property near Dalyan. We have been in Turkey together for last few weeks looking at land and meeting with various builders. The builders we have seen have given quite different prices to build (we have asked them...
  16. tomc1984

    Hsbc atm in Dalyan

    Does anyone know if there is an HSBC atm in Dalyan? I know there is one in Ortaca.
  17. S

    Northern Soul at the Riverside Hotel - Dalyan

    Hi all. I know it's been discussed before but can anyone confirm that the weekly Northern Soul music nights are taking place this year down at the Riverside Hotel. Ta Skimmerville
  18. P

    Dalyan improvement

    Just had to show everybody the good work being done in DALYAN, well done lads it looks great.All areas immediately adjacent to the river, approx 200yds returfed plus flower beds.
  19. M

    Looking for long term rental Dalyan Area

    We are looking for a long term rental in the Dalyan area, but other areas considered. At the moment we rent a flipping huge 3 bedroom Villa that is almost impossible to keep warm during the colder months. Furnished would be a must at the moment as traveling back and forth to UK, but will be...
  20. T

    Antalya Airport to Dalyan by road

    hello all , I am coming over on the 9.2.16 and wondered if anyone has recently done the mountain route to Dalyan, I can always do the coast road but would prefer the other if not covered in snow. Anyone with recent experience ?
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