1. R

    Question Internet installation in Turkey

    Hi. We're hoping it won't be too long before we are able to visit our new apartment in Sunrise Apartments. We would want to have to the Internet installed to stream TV etc. Do we need residency or are we able to get Internet with a Yabanci Kimlik No?. Any suggestions as to the best provider? Thanks
  2. C

    Flights dalaman

    Hi i am suppose leave turkey from dalaman on 2nd november i just checked jet2 website flights cancelled.. my holiday is flights only should i try and get a flight home now back to birmingham airport. Thanks helpful tips
  3. S

    Kimlik Number Dalaman

    Hello we have been trying to get WiFi during this trip and have been told that we need either residency or identity number. My question is where in Dalaman would we need to go in order to get a Kimlik number please? Thank in advance
  4. bickern

    Dac Cafe & Restaurant - Dalaman

    No, this is not a review of my favorite Turkish restaurant, but then again maybe it is. For those whom are not aware of it, it is adjoined to the prison at Dalaman and serves to rehabilitate offenders by giving prisoners training that can be utilised to gain employment on their release. The...
  5. suecheshireuk

    Jet2 announces winter flights to Dalaman and Antalya from Birmingham.

    Or Dalaman and Antalya to Birmingham..... Please don't ask me for the link because I will have to search for it again. . and I can't be bothered (sorry, in a lazy mood) but it's just a heads up. I can't actually see any flights yet from Dalaman, but there are some from Antalya, the prices for...
  6. S

    Milas to Dalaman Airport

    Can anyone please advise as to public transport options available for this journey - if any. Thanks
  7. J

    Street Dogs in Dalaman

    Does anybody know of an organisation in the Dalaman area that can take care of local street dogs? There are a couple of adorable dogs living near our villa, and I would like to return the UK tomorrow having made contact with someone who can take care of them, or at least make sure that they have...
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Taxi from Dalaman Airport into Dalaman Town

    Hi My son is arriving at Dalaman at 2AM Saturday. Does anyone know how much a taxi into town is these days? EDIT: I mean to Dalyan from the airport. Thanks
  9. L

    Property Maintenance company in Dalaman

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a Maintenance Company in the Dalaman area please. I have read through some of the old posts but they seem to be giving advice on maintenance for Villas and Aparts on a Complex and also don’t seem to be in the Dalaman area. Whereas I’m looking for private, mainly pool...
  10. A

    Lighting shop (dalaman area/region)

    I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for lighting shops in the dalaman area- happy to travel. Any websites/Facebook pages would be great.
  11. mollag

    Pegasus to Dalaman.

    Maybe it's early days but it appears that Peg will not be flying direct to Dalaman this Summer [May] from Manchester or the London airports, does anyone have any new info ?
  12. A

    Fitted wardrobes near Dalaman?

    Hello, I posted this question on another forum but not really had an answer: Does anybody know of people around the dalaman area who can make fitted wardrobes? Looking for a high gloss finish in white, couple of tails in and shelves. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Any pictures of...
  13. C

    Dalaman flights in November £100 return

    Just noticed that Thomas Cook are offering cheap flights to Dalaman from Birmingham for £100 return during the first week of November. Also some other good deals on the ThomasCookAirlines.com website.
  14. A

    Furniture - Dalaman

    Hello all - please be kind, this is my first post! :) I was wondering if people could give their recommendations for furniture purchases in the Dalaman area. Sofa, bed, wardrobes, dining table etc Looking for good quality and 'modern' where possible. Currently not in Turkey and wondered if...
  15. suecheshireuk

    Dalaman - Manchester

    Can anyone suggest a route or airline for getting from Dalaman to Manchester. We have to go back in January, and Turkish airlines are wanting silly money. Thanks in advance. xx
  16. I

    Dalaman State Hospital - Devlet

    Hi. Can some please give me some information about the Devlet? I need to know if there is a yabanci service and if they have translators. Also has anyone been and had a good experience there? Can appointments be made by phone and is there a bus service. A lot I know but if someone could help...
  17. F

    Dalaman Airport new terminal

    I am going to Dalaman to pick up friends 2 questions kind people, 1/ Is the new terminal up and running, I did read it was opening Wednesday 4th July. 2/ If the new terminal is now up and running where do I pick up my friends. Many thanks in anticipation FT
  18. H

    Bus from Dalaman airport to Marmaris or Mugla.

    Are their timetables available.i fly alone next Tuesday and don't really want a private transfer to myself.
  19. S

    Ryan air Dublin to Dalaman

    Just seen this. First flight landed this week. Ryan air Dublin to Dalaman.
  20. S

    British man dies at Dalaman airport

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