1. V

    Dairy free products

    Not sure this is the right place but my little girl has milk allergy and so has a dairy free diet, anyone else dairy free and can give me any tips for shopping and eating out? Would you recommend bringing some of our own food out with us? We have had info previous on here regarding the milk this...
  2. V

    dairy free?

    hi i am coming to turkey soon and my grandaughter is coming with us, she is dairy intolerant and we currently use "oat milk" as even soya causes reaction, is this a product we can purchase in altinkum/didim? also what is the variety of dairy free foods like are any stores better than others...
  3. immac

    Dairy Prices

    Is it just my imagination, or has there been a very large hike in the price of dairy produce. I shop mainly in the Kipa/Migros/Sok stores, and milk and cheese seems to have gone up by around 25%. Cheaper milk, which was 1.85, has disappeared. Local (TR) Cheese and butter seems to have really...
  4. A

    dairy products

    are there any shops in didim area where one can purchase bacon?also butter and cheddar cheese,can you let me know what are they called in Turkish?Only hand luggage this time so unable to take over. Many Thanks art2
  5. F

    Dairy free Milk & Cheese, Soya in Turkey

    Hi there, i was wondering if anyone knew of any health food stores or supermarkets where you can buy dairy free milk, cheese etc. Also does anyone know the Tukish word for soya? Thankyou for your help.
  6. S

    Allergic to dairy products and nuts

    Re: A nice Turkey experience hi there, i have a British friend here allergic to dairy products and nuts, he is asking me a favour abou finding a shop which sells soya margarine and soya products..Can u help me with that? poor man he asked that desirably.. muzaffer
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