1. Camden

    A daft question asked on Quora

    The Question was ( serious ) Do they have cars in Turkey ??? :: And one answer by Turk in total disbelief .....photos in link 2nd answer down . Do they have cars in Turkey? Ediz Buka Ediz Buka, lives in Istanbul Updated Fri No we don’t ! I didn’t even know what car is before this question...
  2. D

    Daft Tourists

    Daft Tourists | The Old Groaner "...the worrying thing is that most of our guests are professional people and do responsible work back home!"
  3. D

    Probably a daft question about car 'importation' by a Turk

    İ have a disagreement going on with a Turkish friend who says his Norwegian bought and registered car only needs to be 'deported' to Greece for a day to satisfy continued 6 months usage here in Turkey....is this right??..i know for foreigners it has to stay out 6 months but he says it is...
  4. Mojive

    Daft Question??????

    :help:Please can anyone give me the time to answer which may well be a stupid question!!!!:behindsof: Im off to Side in less than 3 weeks and it seems you can spend near as damn it any countries money there well or right.... Euros,lira or GBP would I gain anything buy getting whichever if so...
  5. S


    i know this might sound a bit odd,,,but does anyone know if i can take a small tv on the plane with me to Bodrum,,,,cant seem to find out anywhere,, ta
  6. mollag

    Daft Punk fans

    If you are a fan of Daft Punk try a band called Justice, im playing a track called Genesis as i type, it is excellent stuff. Didnt know where to post this, is there a section for non Turkish music?
  7. H

    Part Exchange - daft but I am going to ask anyway.

    Do any builders or Emlaks ever part exchange? Or is it something totally unheard of in Turkey? Lookign forward to hearing your comments. Cheers
  8. S

    new member(and daft)

    Hi all as im a new member ill share a bit about myself im married to Bev (second time around)have a job as a warehouse manager for a big food retailer,enjoy running most recent great north run.live up north were its cold and rains all the time ;)(guess)emmmmm probably why i love turkey so much...
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