1. TLF Admin

    It’s harvest season for daffodils in Izmir’s Karaburun

    Despite the unusually warm weather in December and the pandemic, daffodil growers are scraping a living off the beautiful flowers. “The vendors ask me when the daffodil season will be over,” says Ali Zeybek, daffodil producer. “Because when daffodils are in season, all other flowers are eclipsed...
  2. A

    The DAFFODIL Is Dangerous - BBC today -

    :388dd: - and I always did love daffodiles - until today.s Fact Of The Day on the BBC Website.... QUOTE: All parts of the daffodil are poisonous. An extract of daffodil bulbs, when applied to open wounds, produces staggering, numbness of the whole nervous system, and paralysis of the heart. If...
  3. jcrian

    Daffodil Theft!

    This appeared in our local paper!! Aberystwyth police are trying to trace a group of teenagers, one of whom is suspected of stealing a blow-up daffodil from a shop. The daffodil was stolen from Siop y Prom at about 12 noon Tuesday 11th April. A group of 14 - 16 year olds went into the shop...
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