1. D

    Dads' Army Remake Actors Announced....

    I know remakes have an almost doomed aire about them but if the cast list is anything to go by this one at least has a chance....:) I could list the cast but thought you might enjoy reading it....
  2. L

    Mums and Dads and special people

    I had the idea for this thread earlier today when i posted about my mum on another one.A few people were saying how nice she is and how shes brought me up well. She has i guess even though she can moan a lot :-)only kidding mum i know you will be reading this! I'm lucky i have a mum like her and...
  3. arrian

    'Don't Panic!!!' Dads' Army props were

    live ammunition!!! Don't panic! Props for Dad's Army play were LIVE grenades | Mail Online
  4. kusturk

    my dads yacht

    my dads yacht,pleae go to photo gallery it wouldnt fit in here!!! :307bt: :307bt:
  5. W

    Me Dads Advice

    ME DADS ADVICE Me Dad sed to me wen I wos a lad, Do wot tha thinks reight, don’t do ought bad. Life is for livin so live it to full, Some days will be sunny and some will be dull. Help one another cos tha never knows wen, A time will arise wen tha needs help thi sen. Where money’s concerned...
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