1. E

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election.

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election and knocks out turkish favourite. See what happens now.
  2. yalimart

    Cyprus Gang Rape Case

    So she was found guilty of causing public mischief - should the verdict be accepted ? Should she be named to protect others falling for her false accusations ? Maybe the court had the fear of being accused of anti semitism in mind when they found in favour of the accused boys or did they have...
  3. Camden

    45th Cyprus anniversary

    It all started with "Ayşe tatile çıksın " the password code for the operation to land Turkish Troops on Cyprus was decided after Bülent Ecevit, had called for an extraordinary meeting of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to allow him to start what the Turks called the Cyprus Peace...
  4. M

    Missile Northern Cyprus

    Anybody know what's going on in Cyprus? Just read a Russian missile has exploded mid air but no casualties, read it on Sky News.
  5. mollag

    Turkey V Cyprus.

    As the sabre rattling starts, what would occur if the solids hit the Klima? If Turkey, a NATO member, but not a EU member, takes action directed at Cyprus which is a EU member, but not a NATO member ? Who would the European parliament members support? it's EU partner or it's NATO member...
  6. Housemartins

    North cyprus, bahceli - apartments for sale

    An owner on the site where I used to live is selling their apartments. Asking price £59,950 each, title deeds in owners name, so no VAT to pay. Good rental income and some bookings already in place for 2019. I will post pictures when I get them. Please help spread the word. Thanks Martin
  7. E

    Turkey & North Cyprus = Same???

    Hi, friends of mine have the following situation. Maybe somebody here can help. They are in turkey now without an ikamet and have to leave turkey in 2 weeks, having been here for almost 90 days. They would like to go to north cyprus for 90 days and then come back here. Question: Is this...
  8. Kingfisher

    Turkish hire car to North Cyprus

    Has anyone taken a Turkish hire car over to North Cyprus and back?
  9. suecheshireuk

    Esentepe North Cyprus reduced to £85,000.

    For Sale, large detached village house, full of character. Three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, large balcony with views to the sea, mountains and Kyrenia. Off road parking, gardens to front and rear. Mains water connected. Flat walking distance to shops, bars, restaurants and bus. In the...
  10. A

    anyone bought property in North Cyprus?

    Hi, has anyone on here bought property in North Cyprus, and has there been any problems?
  11. Kingfisher

    Cyprus - the kiss of death?

    That is all we needed! The UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will fly to Switzerland later today to support the UN facilitated talks aimed at reaching a settlement to the long running Cyprus issue. UK Foreign Secretary joins Cyprus settlement talks in Switzerland - Cyprus Mail
  12. S

    Will community college credits transfer to North cyprus university?

    My gpa is a little low right now as a college student, so I want to go to community college here in the usa to raise my gpa, and then apply to a university in northern Cyprus....will my credits transfer? and do I need to go to community college to raise my gpa? my overall gpa is high, but my...
  13. bal canavar


    Could this be a turning point ........ progress from the 2 sides plus at least one of the guarantor powers ..... Anastasiades: Significant progress achieved in Cyprus talks President Nicos Anastasiades has stressed that an agreement and significant progress have been achieved on the issues...
  14. Kingfisher


    Is there anyone on here who lives in Cyprus? Not north Cyprus
  15. R

    Travelling Greek Islands, Cyprus, Greece, Albania

    Hello Everyone, Curious about travelling to the Greek islands near Turkey? Maybe I can answer your questions. I have extensive experience travelling to and from all the connecting ports and ferries between Turkey and the islands, and then also travelling through the neighboring islands by...
  16. beyazbayan

    Help in move to Kibris/N. Cyprus

    A friend is moving to N.Cyprus/Kibris can anyone advise the best and cheapest way to transport goods. She is based in Alanya.
  17. suzyq

    Turkey starts supplying water to Turkish Cyprus

    A long-awaited pipeline project to deliver fresh water from Turkey to Turkish Cyprus was inaugurated on Oct. 17. Speaking at the opening ceremony of Alaköprü Dam, which is part of the project, called Barış Suyu (Peace Water), President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkish Cyprus will not have...
  18. Firefox

    Crossing the Line - North Cyprus to South

    Has anybody crossed the border from Turkish held Cypress into Cypress Greek side. Is there a border as such as I am planning a trip from Izmir to Ercan then hope to go by land into EU side. :angel:
  19. D

    Taking Turkish reg m/bike into southern cyprus via northern Cyprus

    Hello All, Attending a wedding in Pafos mid October and have booked the Tasuçu-Girne ferry. Does anybody know if there are restrictions on Turkish registered vehicles crossing into southern Cyprus from the north? Kind Regards, Dicky
  20. bal canavar

    No visa Cyprus

    The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) will be lifting visa requirements at it border crossings with the Republic of Cyprus as of midnight Saturday. However as of 12:00am local time May 16, the visa requirements for traveling between the north and south will have been lifted. No longer...
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