1. IbrahimAbi

    S Cypriots deport tourists

    I find this very strange. As far as I recall the Southern view is that TRNC does not exist, that there is only one island. For this reason TRNC Turks are entitled to a Cypriot passport. So why are they deporting Israeli tourists? Northern Cyprus slams Greek side for deporting tourists - World News
  2. Camden

    Turkey warns Greek Cypriots

    Turkey warns Greek Cypriots over projected offshore drilling. Drilling vessel arrive in 'so-called' exclusive economic zone Greek Cypriots licenses companies Turkey on Friday warned the Greek Cypriots over its "unilateral hydrocarbon-related activities" in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey’s...
  3. Mushtaq

    Greek Cypriots file war crimes complaint against Turkey

    A group of Greek Cypriots has filed a war crimes complaint against Turkey at the International Criminal Court over what they say is its policy of settling Cyprus’ breakaway north with mainland Turks. Cyprus split into a Turkish-speaking north and an internationally recognized Greek-speaking...
  4. bickern

    Greek and Turkish Cypriots close to agreement

    This could be good news for the Island but reading further down the article: "The dispute has come into sharper focus since the discovery, first by Israel and then by Greek Cyprus, of vast deposits of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean." Hmm...... Read the full article here. EUROPE -...
  5. ceemac

    Making it easier for Turkish Cypriots to get their property back

    THE GOVERNMENT has prepared an amendment to the law on Turkish Cypriot properties, to allow their return in certain cases. The bill, which had been kept under wraps because of the sensitivity of the issue, was meant to be approved on Thursday but was postponed until next week. Here C
  6. Mushtaq

    Greek Cypriots may block more chapters in Turkey's EU negotiations

    by Irem Koker Greek Cypriots may block more chapters in Turkey's EU negotiationsThe Greek administration in southern Cyprus might block more chapters in Turkey's accession negotiations with the European Union, while it insisted on rejecting a timetable for the solution of the Cyprus issue...
  7. PhilCo

    Turkish Cypriots spurn EU plan

    By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, northern Cyprus Famagusta port is a hive of activity as dockers unload used cars and animal feed from ships moored in the shadow of ancient castle walls. It is a run-down site on the coast of northern Cyprus. But suddenly this is centre-stage in Turkey's latest...
  8. I

    Turkish and Greek Cypriots

    Just share my thoughts: My sister in law is a Greek Cypriot who came to England when she was 14 years old due to the war in Cyprus. She had a brother a soldier killed in the conflict along with many Turkish soldiers also. As she lost her mother at Christmas and now her father is very ill. It...
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