1. suzyq

    Tour of Turkey Cycle Race

    Starts on 26 April in Alanya
  2. abba

    Presidents 50th Anniversary Cycle Tour of Turkey

    Congratulations to Adam Yates, winner of the Tour and to all the category winners, stage winners and other participants. Bit of a disappointment to watch the awards ceremony only to find that the President was unable to find the time to present the trophy for this 50th Tour.
  3. T

    Cycle Race - Koycegiz

    Just a reminder - The 50th Presidential Cycle of Turkey is currently being held. Stage 4 will be coming through Koycegiz on Wednesday 30th April. Starting in Fethiye at 13-00 and finishing in Marmaris at 16-00. Expect to main D400 road to be closed during that time
  4. P

    Cycle Shop in Turguteis

    On my other thread , Gerard said the cycle shop in Turgutreis is gone. The one we used was the one opposite the Migros. Can anyone from Turgutreis confirm this and do you know if it has relocated ? It always seemed busy to me. Pete
  5. arrian

    London to Paris cycle ride

    i'm hoping there are some professional/serious/experienced cyclists out there that can give lots of advice to my grandaughter, who is planning on doing the London to Paris cycle ride in September, in aid of the Christie charity. i did find an article which said about what type of bike, how to...
  6. Freedom 49

    President's Cycle Tour of Turkey 2012

    Just a few up to the minute pictures of todays leg of the race as the competitors flew past our Side office not five minutes ago. It was all very exciting and the kefuffle of the past few hours with Jandarma and Zabita moving on parked cars and shouting at people who were in the way...
  7. paddington bear

    Presidential Cycle Tour

    Does anyone from Alanya please know what time the cycle race sets off from Alanya on Monday on its way to Antalya? I have looked on the official website but for some reason no times are given for the start of the race each day. Sue
  8. J

    Tour of Turkey Cycle Race

    Having learnt that the race will come over the mountain road and down into Akbuk on friday 27th april, does anyone know what roads will be closed and when, as we need to get to the airport that day. The stage is Bodrum to Kusadasi so even if someone knows what time it leaves Bodrum that could be...
  9. Harem

    London to Brighton Cycle Ride (Soo).

    (Mods: If somebody else has already posted this, please remove this one, thank you) Chris, Soo's husband, is going to take part in the London to Brighton Cycle ride in aid of breast cancer. He said: "İ will be doıng this ride for Soo and all those that suffer this terrible condition. Please...
  10. gerald

    Alanya Cycle Race 2012

    The organisers of the Presidential Tour of Turkey are aiming to ensure that the 2012 edition is the best one to date. The race will begin in Alanya on April 22nd ...more
  11. C

    The Male Cycle

    When I was 13, I hoped one day I would have a girlfriend with big tits. When I was 17, I got a girlfriend with big tits, but there was no passion, so I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life. In college I dated a...
  12. Gamuret

    "Ring" cycle

    Did anybody see the whole or part of the Ring cycle on Sky Arts 2 over the weekend? If so, I would welcome your views on the production!
  13. J

    Cycle Mexico

    Just letting you all know there will be another Charity Dinner and Fun Auction on 23rd September at 'Our Secret Garden', Yalikavak, in aid of Bodrum Health Foundation in Turgutreis and my next charity bike ride in Mexico..any donations gratefully received for the auction. Tickets 30TL available...
  14. jcrian

    Motor Cycle Licence

    On my driving licence I have a category P. Looking on the Direct gov website it says I can drive Mopeds with an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc and a maximum design speed not exceeding 50km/h So does that mean in Turkey I can ride a moped up to 50cc capacity with a passenger?
  15. Sunny Seasider

    Cycle Tour through Turkey

    If anyone is interested in seeing the Turkish countryside there is every day this week (we're on day 3) of the Cycle Tour through Turkey, you can watch on Eurosport from 13.00 - 15.00. Today the tour was up to Kusadasi and what a great way to see the country. Just thought I'd share with you all.
  16. S

    Alanya Cycle Scheme

    Can anyone out there tell me about this, I saw all the bikes at various points fastened to racks on my last visit, I know they can be hired but how? Also will the scheme run all year or will the bikes be removed through the winter period. I'm coming back in January for 2weeks so if they are...
  17. C

    Enduro Motor cycle bikes clubs etc

    Hi Dennis would like to buy a Enduro motor cycle Yamaha KTM etc does any one know where he can buy one also does anyone else have thease or interests in going out as friends or club when in Dalaman and surrounding arears. Thanks :fencing:
  18. W

    cycle hire?

    is there a company in yalikavak that rents bicycles?
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