1. Jaycey

    Cyber attack sweeps globe

    Reuters: Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see ‘WannaCry’ link A major global cyber attack disrupted computers at Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month. The rapidly...
  2. suzyq

    Cyber Attacks in Turkey

    Three of Turkey's largest lenders are the latest targets of a week-long cyber-attack on the country's “.tr” domains, media outlets reported on Thursday. The websites of private banks İş Bankası and Garanti as well as the state-run Ziraat Bankası went partly offline on Thursday and banking...
  3. kale

    Cyber attack at TalkTalk

    Talktalk customers bank detail cyber attack
  4. bickern

    Turkey’s cyber security

    The awareness was there. So was the ambition to make cyber security the country’s “fifth force.” Events in a span of less than two years have shown that Turkey is still too far away from building reliable defenses against cyber threats. Only a couple of months after a Turkish colonel publicly...
  5. B

    Cyber Attack??????

    BBC News - 'Two weeks' to block cyber-attack as criminal network seized It's all a bit beyond me, but I just hope that no TLFer is affected by this. Bill.
  6. bal canavar

    e bay CYBER ATTACK

    E bay has had bad cyber attack and asked people to RESET their passwords ASAP so if people have uk accounts better to reset
  7. partypixie

    Prayers & Cyber Hugs

    I'm not very religious but I do believe in the power of prayer and of positive thinking - when I was younger I used to attend a church that included in it's weekly newsletter a list of people that needed prayers and support. Thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread where people can...
  8. perfect1949

    cyber bullies

    i dont think there is any place for bullies , whether it be in the school yard work place or on here . if a person as got a different point of veiw than your own , you should not bully a person into submission . dave
  9. Sunny Seasider

    Cyber Friends

    There are many 'cyber' friends I've met through this forum that have helped me this last couple of weeks. I am a happy go lucky woman, and always give help to my special friends I've met through TLF, you know who you are, but I've never needed it, my health is good, my life is good, I have an...
  10. bobthenob

    Cyber or to person

    The wonder of the Internet is to sit back in the comfort of your chair and have a debate with a person in your own time without the rude interruptions from someone in person,which can put one throws me to what the conversation was in the first place. When l have a conversation with...
  11. ceemac

    TLF Cyber Friends

    This post is KKOB's fault as he inferred my posts were boring and needed no debate :smile: Actually, it was that and another remark that has 'stirred' me. I've been a member here for some 4 years and have now got to know the ways and manners of mainly other long time members. It takes quite...
  12. merlin

    Computer hacker sought by FBI charged in Turkey with cyber fraud....

    Assoc Press A Turkish computer hacker sought by the FBI on suspicion of attacking the Web sites of several well-known companies and media outlets was charged with cyber fraud Friday. Police captured the 23-year-old suspected hacker, identified as Atilla E., in the southern city of Adana on...
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