1. bickern

    Crazy Daisy - So Cute!

    Daisy's Hotel Room Ramblings - YouTube This is the hilarious moment a toddler has an imaginary conversation with her great grandmother on the phone - filling her in with the latest salacious gossip. The toddler, 3-year-old Daisy Healy, is from Dublin's north inner city and has her own YouTube...
  2. T

    cute -Video - Kitten Sees Snow for the First Time
  3. mollag

    An amusingly clever commercial, dikat! it contains cute dogs1

    Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful® - YouTube
  4. T

    So cute

    This is so cute, I hope you enjoy it
  5. G

    Bulldogs can be cute

  6. bickern

    Cute or what?

    See more Tiny kittens, cuddly puppies and fluffy ducks pair up for cute photo shoot | Mail Online
  7. J

    I am so cute too!

    A family has taken me on while they are on holiday as I went onto their villa park and liked the look of them! People tell me I look like a doggy called PUDSY who won Britians got talent, but I am grey and black. I am a female and in great need of some grooming and tidying up. Lots of people...
  8. bickern

    aligators can also look cute

    It certainly beats having to learn the art of swimming. This baby alligator did not feel like getting his feet wet when his mother wanted to go for a swim. So the crafty creature simply climbed on her head and hitched a ride instead. Read more: Baby alligator grins from ear-to-ear as he sits...
  9. 1

    Cute kitty video

    Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten - The Animal Rescue Site I hope this link a) works b) has been posted in the correct area. Such a lovely clip.....
  10. perfect1949

    how cute

    what do you think . dave
  11. B

    Cute Horse

    Does anyone know anyone or want a living lawn mower? My horse that i love dealy needs a temp or perm home - i am pregnant and dont have the time to give him the love he wants. I will not let him go to a bad home so am looking for preferably a foreigner to take him on and look after him...
  12. juco

    who needs to learn turkish! Funny & Cute

    YouTube - twin babies having a conversation very funny! Daily Funny Videos!!
  13. P

    Two very pretty and cute female adolescent cats

    Two very pretty and cute, female, adolescent cats just one year old on 25th Sept - Jennie and Jonnie (the girls) Intelligent, clean - used to life indoors and out doors. They answer to their name ,are amusing,extremely loving and would make great companions/pets. Owner currently has 1 dog...
  14. SonnyJim

    So Cute!!

    Leaving Facebook... | Facebook Check on the link above, sure to make you feel happy, taken by my nephew!! I didn't mean to put it on the Datca link! The video is well worth watching, they are such incredible animals.
  15. SuperBogs

    This is very cute

    Judas Asparagus A child was asked to write a book report on the entire Bible.. This is amazing and brought tears of laughter to my eyes. I wonder how often we take for granted that children understand what we are teaching??? Through the eyes of a child: The Children's Bible in a Nutshell...
  16. Martyn

    So cute - 110million views.

    Been on here before. YouTube - Charlie bit my finger - again !
  17. SuperBogs

    This is Dog Tired,CUTE!! It's safe and veryy cute. Biker Bob
  18. Ian

    Cute Girls ????

    Any cute 17 yr old girls due out July/Aug to try put a smile on My eldest boys face ??, he has 2 mates with him so more the merrier !!!.
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