1. Tenpin

    News European Parliament backs updating customs deal

    European Parliament backs updating customs deal Extract: A report recommending an end to the Customs Union between the European Union and Turkey and replacing it with a free trade agreement (FTA) of...
  2. Tenpin

    Info Moving to Turkey - How to Release Goods from Istanbul Customs

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  3. A89

    customs on boxes of belongings?

    Does anyone know anything about or has anyone sent boxes of their household belongings from Turkey to UK ? It seems I may have been mistaken that I wouldnt be charged import duty . I thought, wrongly it seems, that import was only due on new items . :wow::35::33: alison
  4. dearsley

    Customs agent

    Hi Everyone, does anyone know a customs agent who operates at the Istanbul customs? I just need someone to liaise with customs and check I have the right paperwork. I'm bringing some stuff (household goods) from UK by lorry via Edirne buit they seem to want to go to Istanbul NOT customs in Izmir...
  5. D

    Customs law leaving a motorbike in Turkey

    I am riding from the UK to Turkey then staying with a friend for a few days in Turkey and then flying home and leaving my bike with my friend to continue my trip in the spring. Is it possible to leave the country without my bike and return later?
  6. E

    Vitamins/supplements customs question

    Hope someone can help with the following question. I'm thinking of ordering some vitamins/supplements from the US but don't know if customs here in Turkey will allow that. Has anyone gone through the process? thanks
  7. N

    Leaving your car at customs

    Just an update and information for others. Following advice from another member through this forum I decided it was better and easy to scrap my car in Turkey rather than get it fixed. So today after Saga insurance and breakdown cover let me down I got towed £150 to Izmir Airport customs. The...
  8. A89

    New customs exemption rule

    Cargo from abroad faces new customs exemption charge ? Voices Newspaper alison
  9. S

    Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

    Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs. My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange...
  10. S

    customs duty,

    Does any body know the current amount of the cost of imported goods to TR. is before you start to pay customs tax ?
  11. bickern

    Customs duty in Turkey.

    I am thinking of buying an inflatable canoe from ebay, it is a UK company sending to Turkey. The canoe is £90 plus postage. Will there be any duty to pay on top when it arrives here?
  12. M

    customs when buying goods online from amazon,alibaba

    Hi there, I would like to ask about customs duty when you ship items from foreigner countries, I need to buy from 2 different places, I would like to ask if the items I'm ordering are subjected to any fees and how much would it cost? 1- books from price:~220EUR. 2- a hoverboard from...
  13. Spurs

    Revenue & Customs

    Just goes to show how far Her Majesty Revenue & Customs will reach. Perhaps Turkey would be a bridge too far :-) BBC News - Former IRA couple Leonard Hardy and Donna Maguire arrested in Spain
  14. C

    Gifting uk car to Customs

    I have a vw golf with uk plate. It has to either leave turkey by december or be dumped at customs. Does anyone know if Bodrum Airport accept cars. I did all the paperwork at bodrum but need to know if i wld hav to take it somewhere else. Thanks.
  15. teresa

    Customs allowance

    A nice heading, but what I really want to know is what goodies will customs let me bring back with me? If I cross to southern Cyprus and then back to Northern Cyprus and then back into Antalya can I happily shop to my heart's content or do I need to be careful - are they strict? I am only...
  16. K

    Seeking Help with the Turkish post!!

    Dear English speaking Turkish people, First i would like to introduce myself as Khaled a last semester mechanical engineering student. secondly, i will explain to you why i need help & the type of help i m seeking...about 2 months ago i ordered some parts for my graduation project to be...
  17. beyazbayan

    HM customs selling your file

    Have you heard about the latest data sell-off? Right now, the taxman, HMRC, is considering a plan to sell our personal tax details to private companies. [1] Our incomes, the amount of tax we pay, and our tax histories could be sold to the highest bidder. Tory MP David Davis has branded the...
  18. A

    Customs Office in Istanbul ( for Blue Number Plate Vehicles )

    Hello all, Hope you had a good bayram. Before the holidays I bought a tax free car from a friend. He went back during the holidays, so I have to take the vehicle to the Customs Office on his behalf. I have all the required documentation. I only wanted to know the location of the Customs...
  19. L

    Izmir customs

    I,m going to send my large package to turkey from England and its going to end up at izmir customs port. Does any one know the procedure for recovering it, is it a long winded task or is it simple. Also does anyone know of a courier company or someone that could pick it up and deliver from...
  20. scotssteve

    Turkish customs yesterday!!!

    Afternoon all, A very disturbing story from a couple who arrived at Izmir Airport yesterday about 4.30pm All travellers were directed through the "goods to declare channell" - the other route having been closed off. Apparently all their baggage was scanned and opened when it contained alcohol...
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