1. S

    The customer DEFINITELY isn't always right in Dubai
  2. bickern

    The 15 most outrageous customer calls

    Bizarre complaints were revealed by holiday company 1. One customer called about the sand on the beach in Mexico claiming that it had too many pebbles, one of which had chipped her manicure. 2. An animal-loving customer requested that her cat be upgraded from cargo to first-class...
  3. R

    BA-shocking customer service

    Hi, I have a luggage enquiry regarding our forthcoming trip with BA. Ten days ago I sent an email on their 'contact us' form. I got a reply from BA with a reference number-and a message to say they would reply asap. Five days later I had no reply-so I emailed them again-and quoted the...
  4. S

    Mecitoglu Pulling out of Customer Care

    Has anyone who owns a Mecitoglu property had e mails or a letter informing them of the maintenance being handed over to a company called Lotus. Last year they handed over maintenance of Aquarius 2 villas to this group and are now doing the same to Aquarius 1 but on the letters they have stated...
  5. val2661

    Customer Service in UK??

    Has anyone noticed how poor customer service is in the UK now? Over the last week I seem to have experienced the most appalling lack of empathy from two totally different companies. Travel Republic changed my hotel in Turkey 10 days before departure to another one 37km away. After repeated...
  6. M

    Where is the Customer Service ?

    Hello, Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience eg Whilst in a shop,hotel cafe etc when I am in the middle of buying goods/ asking for information I am often ignored while the assistant/ hotel receptionist starts a conversation with or serves a local. This lack of customer...
  7. val2661

    Tekzen alanya customer service

    Been looking for an oven and hob with my son today and went into Tekzen. The service in there is appalling. There was an oven he liked and they wouldn't sell it to him as oven alone, he had to buy the hob and hood as well. As he didn't like the hob and hood and the oven was priced separately...
  8. Mushtaq

    BT in privacy row after sending customer data to ACS:Law

    BT sent more than 500 customers' details, unencrypted, to law firm chasing illegal file sharers Josh Halliday, Wednesday 29 September 2010 18.44 BST BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, sent details about its customers to ACS:Law, the firm of London solicitors at the...
  9. angiesco

    Thomas Cook Customer Services

    Any advise would be greatly received. I have a complaint with TC and sent them an e-mail at the end of July. They promptly replied with a standard acknowledgement-28 days to reply etc. Then 6 days later, another acknowledgement. The 28 days passed. I e-mailed a quick note to say their time...
  10. A

    customer flight arrivals Bodrum last night!!!!!!!

    Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! We had new blood arrive last night at Clover Court Altinkum from Bodrum..........The flight was scheduled yesterday and there were no problems ............Welcome to Kim and Jim Summers back on ..............Been a bit like a ghost town here......we have had 2 lots of...
  11. kaplumba

    Thomas Cook your customer service department is useless

    I booked a flight with TC back in January and have spent hours and a great deal of money trying to phone and email them since then. I would like to carry 10kg of charity baggage when I fly in April. I had one email in February stating they needed my flight numbers and date of travel which I...
  12. SHAWY

    Satisfied customer

    Hello I read lots of remarks on this forum about mistrust in Turkey and people having problems not receiving there Tapus.I would like to sing the praises of Sevim+John at AKBUK ESTATE who have just completed the sale of our new villa in Akbuk.From selecting property on our first visit in June...
  13. KKOB

    Why The Customer Isn't Always Right

    Customer: “Hi, my son says that I have Spartans on my laptop and I should bring it to you guys.” Me: “…Ma’am? Spartans?” Customer: “Yes, I called my son at school and told him that screens keep popping up all the time, and he said that I have spartans.” Me: “Oh! You mean trojans! That’s a...
  14. saffie

    Customer rights in Turkey

    Hi Guys, Wondering if any of you can advise me about customer rights here in Turkey. After the severe floods in October 2008 I had to buy a new wardrobe as much of my furniture was ruined because I was in the Uk at the time of the flood and got back to find the apartment full of water,mould...
  15. Mushtaq

    No-Nem Customer Survey

    As there are still issues surrounding this company, I though it might worth trying to figure out what the situation is, as there are apparently lot of unhappy customers and investors, and happy ones too, so I would like to get some numbers.
  16. D

    Turkey's Answer to Customer's Man

    Suzan Sabanci Dincer Proves Turkey's Answer to Customer's Man By Ben Holland Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Suzan Sabanci Dincer was an 8-year- old schoolgirl when she began visiting the main office of her family's bank, Akbank TAS, during summer vacations. In the 1970s, she befriended Medeni Berk...
  17. KKOB

    Dalaman Airport - New Customer Complaints Desk

  18. P

    Bodrum Airport - customer service

    Had a very pleasant trip to Turkey last week, but unfortunately my flight was changed to another airline, I was told there would be replacement tickets at the airport travelling on another charter flight. Turned out there was no tickets for us and when we spoke to manager he was very unhelpful...
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