1. suzyq

    Plans to renew all 17 custom gates in Turkey

    Turkey is clearing the deck to introduce a comprehensive restructuring at its customs gates, in a bid to solve clogging at borders by speeding up transactions. Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli has ordered ministry officials to prepare a project to renew all 17 of Turkey’s customs...
  2. A

    Importing Iphone 5S from USA: Custom tax?

    Merhaba, What experiences do you have in receiving cell/mobile phones via shipping from abroad? my mom is able to use ATT upgrade and get the 5S for $200, will my custom be calculated on this price, or on what the original value of the 5S was? How much is tax on mobiles?
  3. raven

    Post Office and Custom new Rule?

    Hi My parents sent me a box out for things for the baby and last year when I moved here they sent out 4 large boxes within a month and then one again at Christmas all in a short period of time. Today we phoned as my parents had sent out another box with baby stuff from friends and family and...
  4. ted j

    Lost custom

    During the couple of weeks we were away, we freqented the Everest bar on the front quite a bit, not to eat, but later on for a few drinks and a bit of karaoke and a laugh. One night we tried the meals. Kath had fish, which was ok, but my meal wasn't, so i sent it back. We stayed on there and...
  5. KKOB

    Custom Flights Cease Trading

    Custom Flights - Announcement
  6. zozatky

    A quaint turkish custom.!!

    Its getting near to that time of year ..Quaint Turkish Custom? We wondered if anyone else has observed the following........ Each year we watch our neighbours carefully dig over their gardens in winter. purchase new topsoil and fertiliser and then in the spring plant out their seeds or small...
  7. K

    Custom Flights/Go there for less

    Just booked my flights for xmas (i know i'm late - and was expecting to pay through the nose for it), but got a 3 week return to Gatwick with Onur for 114quid. Not bad as the others i found, (flythomascook, Aegean, KTHY) ranging from 180 - 280! Just to highlight the difference between on line &...
  8. Jenny

    Onur / Custom Flights nightmare

    Last week I traveled with Onur airlines, well only just travelled. Flew out on the 21st Oct which was fine but just thinking about the position I was in this time last week makes me shudder. Onur said the flight I was on to Manchester had been overbooked and they wouldnt let me fly, they told me...
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