1. C

    Idris curtains,Akbuk

    Dose anyone remember the guy who had the curtain shop in Akbuk, think his name was Idris, he had two brothers helping him out at one time. I know he sold the business and maybe he has now moved from the area but if anyone out there has a contact number, text or email details I could have I...
  2. M

    Beaded curtains

    Hi all We've just finished furnishing our villa in Yakikavak but need some 'beaded curtains' or something similar for a couple of doorways off the living room - proper doors wouldn't be suitable - does anyone know where we could by these from locally? Thanks very much!
  3. H

    Grommets for curtains

    Hi, Does anybody know a curtain shop/maker around Yalikavak/Bodrum where it is possible to get grommets for curtains? Preferably the shop will insert them, I don't feel doing it myself.
  4. T

    Carpets & Curtains for Sale - Çalis Area

    GOOD QUALITY CARPETS NEWLY CLEANED AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION: Beautiful thick lounge carpet, beige with red/maroon border approx. 2 mtrs x 2.5 mtrs. Cost 450 TL asking 150 TL ono (it's shown in the lounge photo) Runner in beige with red pattern 80 cm wide x approx. 2.5 mtrs...
  5. J


    Does anyone know of anyone who would make me six lots of curtains for our house with black out lining in two sets? Thank you in advance x
  6. giglets

    "Put up the Blackout Curtains, Kill the Cat”

    What an unnecessary slaughter - At the beginning of World War II, a government pamphlet led to a massive cull of British pets. As many as 750,000 British pets were killed in just one week. This little-discussed moment of panic is explored in a new book. The cull came as the result of a...
  7. M

    curtains installation

    I bought curtains and poles from IKEA. I will be in Bodrum/Gumusluk only for a week in Yalikavak to deal with this. Anyone can give me coordinates for someone that can do the installation What price should I expect? If I have to install myself - what drill and drill bits do I need - never lived...
  8. T

    Single Bed & Curtains for sale - Calis Area

    Single bed, lift up storage base, mattress and white half round metal headboard. New condition, never used. 180TL complete, space needed. Curtains - 2 pairs of heavy curtains, good quality fabric, taupe/beige colour, looks like suede, with pleated headings. 1 pair 370cm width x 250cm drop...
  9. J

    Buying curtains

    Where is the best place in Marmaris to buy curtains without paying an arm and a leg for them? Jinty56
  10. B

    Made to measure curtains

    Good Morning, does anyone have a reommendation for a shop in Dalaman that will make and fit made to measure curtains and poles? Many thanks, Bruce
  11. M

    soft furnishings and curtains.

    :15:Hi All i am new to the forum, just had a flick through all the comments, me and my wife are planning to come over to tuzla to finish our furnishing of our apartment. We already did all the big stuff last year but survived with sheets from home and rolerblinds. We need to buy some nice but...
  12. Yalides

    Balcony curtains and carpets

    Just spent 3500.00TL on curtains and carpets. Could have stayed with bare tiles IMO. Oh well, only money, can,t take it with you......
  13. superpp

    Need Curtains

    We will be out for our first visit to our apartment soon. Furniture is in, but we need curtains. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Fethiye to get these measured, made and put up? Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    Help with Curtains

    Hi All, We are coming out to Akkaya for 3 weeks on Fri 2nd July to furnish our place and would really appreciate any recommendations on where or who to go to for curtains. I am sure I have read on the forum somewhere about a man a few of you have used but I cant find it anywhere. We dont want...
  15. G


    Has anyone had curtains made in Fethiye? Not looking for anything too fancy someone did mention a shop that sold material behind fish market is it sumerbank?
  16. L

    curtains advice please, urgent

    hi all my girlfriend and her mates arrived at mayfair apts safely in the early hrs today. the apt has no curtains so as the first job they are in mine perde shop looking for curtains, poles and fitting. they are quoting her £700 sterling, which i think is a rip off, anyone know anywhere cheaper...
  17. val2661

    Lined voile curtains (brand new)

    I have for sale 3 pairs of Ivory coloured fully lined voile curtains with trailing mocha embroidery & tie backs 90"wide x 90" long with 3" pencil pleat headings. These were purchased in UK These curtains are still in packaging 95 TL per pair Curtains are located in Alanya:dooh: Please...
  18. mollag

    Its curtains for us!

    Any recomendations for curtain shops in Yali ?. We will be in towm on thurs for the market and would like a looky--loo at some guzel perdes.
  19. C

    Whats the best way to get curtains and bedding from UK to Turkey

    Hi there We have a new place just finished and hopefully get the keys next month whilst on holiday. But in the meantime I have some new quilts , bedding , curtains, here in the UK and would want them for our place in Turkey. How can i get them over in the best way please ? Can i just parcel...
  20. val2661

    Price Of Net Curtains

    Today I went into TAC on 25 Metre Street in Alanya to get prices for voile/net curtains for my new house. I was quoted 1750 YTL for 3 windows!! They are 2 metre wide patio windows. I was under the impression that TAC was not too expensive, but for sheer curtains I thought that was...
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