1. L

    Current situation

    Hi. We are thinking of returning to Alanya in November, Oba in particular. I wonder if anyone could tell me what the current situation is there with regards to Coronavirus. Is it life going on as normal (albeit with face masks) or are there stricter sanctions? Are there more cases than we are...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Some current prices in Turkey

    I Could not find a suitable thread so I thought I would start one. It may be useful for TLF members living in Turkey to share their experiences of buying unusual items to give others an idea of what they can expect to pay. Last week we bought some logs to burn in winter over the next few years...
  3. Graham7

    New HSBC Current account card sent to UK

    Trying to get a HSBC Current account card sent to UK. HSBC did phone me and said they were having trouble sending cards to the UK. As any one else had this trouble ? How long do you think it will take them to sort out or how long should I give them, thank for any answers.
  4. D

    House prices? Historical & current trends

    Hi Has anybody come across any figures/graphs for prices over the last 5 years say? Also interested in current 'average prices' Yes I know 'prices' are very subjective but I'll give +-10% either way lol ;-) Thanks in advance!
  5. oldfogy

    what's the current interest rates

    Time to awake an old question, which is, can anyone enlighten me on banks and their interest rates on Time accounts, obviously rates will vary with the amount being put on deposit so for arguments sake lets assume 250,000TL
  6. S

    Current Irish Politics-Warning do not read if you're easily bored or not au fait!

    Sleepy thought it best we kept this to our own thread Anyways I bet Shinners are praying Snarlene doesn't resign!!!!!
  7. D

    How to stealthify port 1050 on a current airties router

    For some reason, airties routers come as standard with port 1050 open, which is a fairly serious security problem. With earlier routers it was easy to stealthify this port by going to "management" then disabling "TR-069". This option is no longer present on my current modem, an airties 5453. I...
  8. D

    current methods for central heating

    Hi. I am helping a family member with getting their villa uptogether and we are looking at central heating.. the villa already has internal pipework but no rads or boiler etc.. It has been suggested from my limited knowledge of an electric boiler but would love some feedback from fellow board...
  9. Y

    Current Exchange Rates

    Hi all we are due out in the next couple of weeks for our final visit of the year. Can anyone tell me what the current local exchange rate is. 4.41 seems to be the best available in the UK at the moment. thanks
  10. T

    Holiday home purchase - unsure/concerned about the current political leanings

    Hi everyone, my family and I are thinking of purchasing a holiday villa in Kalkan but are unsure/concerned about the current political leanings/instability (do you see it as that?) in Turkey and any impact that would have in the medium to long term. I would love to hear your views on this. Thank...
  11. A

    Current Ruling on bringing in a Car from the UK

    Hi, I am considering driving across to Turkey for a long stay. Does anyone know the current position on bringing a UK registered vehicle into Turkey, i.e. How long can it remain in the Country, can I drive back to the UK and return to Turkey again.
  12. G

    Kurds and the current Turkish Political Crisis?

    At the risk of being accused of scaremongering, I'm trying to get a feel from people on the ground as to how the Kurds fit in to the current political shenanigans in Turkey. The reason I'm asking is that I have family who take their kids on holiday to Kusadasi and I'm wondering whether they...
  13. K

    Garanti bank current YTL account fees

    I set up a direct debit from my current account in April to pay my electric. Looking at my account today the charges are more than my electric. It says 30/4/2013------ 2012 yili2 Yariyil Hesap Isletim Ucreti and a 45ytl charge It then says 9/7/ 2013 ------2013 yili 1 Yariyil Hesap Isletim...
  14. J

    What's the current wait for

    Military Clearance? Cheers, Jim.
  15. T

    Current Visa - New Passport

    I will be going to Istanbul in a couple of weeks for 4 days & will need a new visa but before I come back at the end of May my passport will need to be renewed. My question is would I need to show both passports when I return in May or would I have to buy a new visa even though I already have a...
  16. C

    Current Prices

    Hi everyone Just wondered if anyone who is in Altinkum at the moment or has been recently could give me a guide as to what the prices are like at the mo..... I know things will most likely change once the season starts but its really just to give us an idea we are coming over soon and not been...
  17. W

    Current Property Market in Altinkum

    Hi All, I'm considering selling our apartment in Altinkum this year, it's a two bed duplex only 200 metres from third beach, with great views of Didim marina. Can anyone give any indication of what I might be able to get for it at this moment in time? I paid £52K for it 5 years ago. Regards Alan
  18. S

    Current Weather

    Hi there fellow Uzumluians Whats the weather like currently? I head out there soon and just checking do I need my combinations, complete with trap door and my Harvest festivals
  19. T

    Anyone know current costs for Dsmart?

    Hi, We are able to spend 4 months in Turkey this summer. We were over for a week or so in mid-march and on the last day a guy started talking to us about dsmart, but neither of us can recall what the associated charges were. We're in the Tuzla area, or going to be, can anyone give us a...
  20. claire1976

    Current exchange rates

    How many TL to the £ are you all getting in Turkey at the moment? Thanks.
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