1. Tenpin

    Info Banking in Turkey - Currency Exchange and Transfers

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. T

    Income Tax Exemption: Company abroad, no turkish branch, foreign currency

    Hi, I heard from a friend in Istanbul that there's a tax exemption in Turkey which says that if You're paid by a company outside of turkey and That company doesn't have a branch in Turkey and You're paid in a foreign currency then you're exempted from Turkish Income Taxes. Has anyone else...
  3. T

    ATM currency

    Maybe a silly question but do the ATM's in Alanya dish out Lira only or can you choose currency? I will be using my card when I'm there as I get paid while we are in Turkey. Just for information - I have a Santander Debit card.
  4. niyaz

    currency up and down like yoyo

    I have noticed that Egyptian currency seems to stay foot while Turkish currency likes to be called yoyo with capital Y. :animation
  5. A

    Personal Currency Widget

    After reading about problems with the forums currency widget on another thread and noticing Mushtaq has today replaced it, I wondered if any members might like one for their own computer or device. So here's one I knocked up some time ago. To use it download the attached .txt file and save it...
  6. suzyq

    Turkish Lira leads the way in emerging currency devaluation

    The beleaguered Turkish Lira has become the most fragile currency after the Fed signaled that the lower liquidity environment is coming earlier than expected. The United States’ Federal Reserve (FED) will cut its bond-buying program as part of plans to end a program that served to support its...
  7. juco

    exchanging currency in Antalya

    Would it be fair to assume it would be best to exchange Sterling to TL in Antalya rather than in the UK. If so where best to exchange, bank / jewelers / other?
  8. Rum Bod

    Currency - Travelex

    I've noticed that Lira has not been available on the Travelex website for some time but Travelex now states that it no longer sells Lira. Seems odd that a firm of this size no longer offers currency for such a popular destination. It's a shame as their rates were generally very good.
  9. P

    Which currency Turkish people keep their savings in?

    I read years ago, turks don't save in tl. Was it dollars? I know they all wanted paid in sterling years ago. Maybe someone might know what the majority do.
  10. L

    Bulgaria, what currency to take?

    What currency is best to take there on holiday? Garanti said they do not give the local Lev currency out so do the equally take Euros there? Thank you anyone
  11. N

    Old Currency

    Hi All, Took a friend to the airport last year & as I was travelling to Yalikavak a week later he paid me in Lira the OLD currency (90tlr) . Can I still change this lira & does anyone know which bank. Back in Yali in August.
  12. marty323

    Currency Exchange

    Hi, we are moving to Didim at the end of March & was wondering if anyone has moved money to Turkey using a currency exchange & whether it was a relatively easy process or not. Have heard it can save you a lot of money Thanks Marty
  13. P

    Turkish Currency

    I have read that it is better to exchange when once over in Turkey for the best rates - is this true and where would you recommend in Yalikavak? I also noticed that its about 2.8 TL to the £1 - is that about right?
  14. L

    Currency Exchange in Altinkum

    :cheers: Well 3 weeks till we arrive in Altinkum! Very excited as going to be first visit! Had a call from travel agents today and probably a sales pitch but she said there was a shortage on lira due to the euro crisis so wise to get before we go! I thought exchange rate was better in...
  15. P

    Making money from currency movements

    Is there a better way than waiting until the lira drops to turn money into sterling. Are there any financial wizards. Would turning lira to another currency then back to sterling be any good.
  16. P


    good afternoon all I am keeping an eye on exchange rates as we fly out to Yalikavak June 9th. I usually fetch sterling and change as and when I need it on the forum page there is a section showing "Lira Exchange Rates" from could somebody tell me if this is acurate please. best...
  17. T


    Where is the best place in the U.K. to get Lira
  18. P

    Changing currency

    Hi all, is it better to change English money while in Turkey or in the UK? Which would be the best rate? Thank you
  19. ausfost

    currency advice please

    hi, i am unsure of which currency is best to use, i have been told that sterling and Euros are readily accepted and preferred to YTL, what's your opinion? Additionally rumour has it that a better exchange rate is available when in Turkey; if this is so is there an exchange in Side that anyone...
  20. M

    Asem currency now?

    I see ASEM have gone into currency exchange! ^A new venture from the successful ASEM construction group^,as quoted from voices today. Mark
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