1. B

    Curbanoglu clients

    Hi, Just wondered if your properties were finished on the completion date in your contracts? Ours is due for completion 10th march but bit hesitant to book flights out yet incase it is not ready. We were not planning on coming out until 29th which does give us a little leeway but just wondered...
  2. PDM

    Curbanoglu Property Management Service

    We have had a email yesterday from Kamil from Curbanoglu offering the services of a New Property Management Service to be run by Kursat llhan Kamils son. The service is to be run as a seperate operation independent from Curbanoglu builders Ltd. They will be providing: Garden Maintenance Pool...
  3. GnD

    Wilson Hawkins - Curbanoglu??

    Can anyone confirm whether Jo is still there, since the emails are being returned by Wilson Hawkins postmaster delivery?? Debbie
  4. B

    Curbanoglu buyers which lawyer to use?

    Hi, Can anyone who has purchased with Curbanoglu let us know which lawyer they used as we feel it could be helpful, if we can use someone who is used to reading through their contracts, if we decide to purchase. Many thanks, Sally
  5. B


    Hi, Can anyone tell me should we buy a property with this developer? We are looking at Akkaya gardens due to be finished in Sept 09? Are they any better or worse than any other developer? Can anyone tell me anything about the fraud allegations made re the managing director of Curbanoglu? Any...
  6. J

    Curbanoglu Latest:Yener has left

    All u Curbanoglu buyers out there may be interested to know that Yener has left Im sure he will be missed.Good Luck to him
  7. GnD

    Curbanoglu just how many of us are there?

    Hi All Each time I enter this site, about once a fortnight, there appears two or three more Curbanoglu customers. So I thought a thread with us all on may help a drink/social event(s) occur in the future. We could private message emails and go from there! I am not surprised the company is...
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