1. Camden

    World Cup Rugby

    :tigger::tigger::tigger:Well done England 19.7 ...:tigger: beating the reigning Champs New Zealand .. Now in the World Cup Final .... ENGLAND'S HISTORY BOYS! Eddie Jones' men put in sensational performance to STUN New Zealand and earn a place in the World Cup final England were defiant as...
  2. B

    I wont be everyones cup of tea

    Hi everyone, I will let you guess where I stand on Brexit. Politically I was a Thatcherite apart from the poll tax but was probably a convert to New Labour after she went although I hated and distrusted Blair. Gordon Brown took over too late and therefore never had the chance to formulate policy...
  3. J

    Challenge Cup Final

    5 pm Turkish time - Hoping the Catalans can defy the odds today - the history of French rugby league and the Nazi collaborators rugby union is worth reading up on - I just know the English RU would have done exactly the same if the Nazis occupied our Island Throw in the Catalan element (...

    Ireland in world cup final

    Ireland are in the hockey World Cup final. This has been a dream of mine since I started following the sport about eight minutes ago.
  5. S

    World Cup Betting

    Was reading one online bookies is offering odds of 1 million to 1 for predicting the outcome of every game Worth a try
  6. S

    World Cup

    Forget about hooligans let's get to the football I look forward to the World cup like a kid at Xmas. So leaving England to one side as I know that's the country for most of you- give us your other tip and outsider to watch I will as ever stick with Germany and my outsider to watch ...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Saudi World Cup ref banned

    Another own goal here. Ref gets a Red Card Saudi Arabia has banned referee Fahad Al Mirdasi from football for life for a match-fixing attempt, weeks before he was due to fly to Russia to officiate at the 2018 World Cup...
  8. IbrahimAbi

    World Cup modern day slavery

    I have no doubts at all of the veracity of this story, having lived 13 years in the Middle east and spent a week in Qatar fairly recently. Last week, the charity Human Rights Watch issued its latest report into the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar. It found that regulations meant to...
  9. IbrahimAbi

    FA Cup on Dodgyturk

    Does anyone know if any of the 'Dodgyturk' channels are to show it? Or TRT?
  10. S

    Ryder Cup

    Golf- what a load of sh1te- discuss
  11. yalimart

    Rugby World Cup

    Im looking forward to this even though I havent a clue about the rules, I just hope it outdoes Emmerdale and Coronation St in the excitement stakes, both hotting up at the moment. Best of luck to whichever team you may support ! come on Engerland !!! Martin
  12. B

    Ryder Cup.

    I am not a great lover of the game of Golf, but congratulations to the European Team on beating the USA, in the Ryder Cup. Bill.
  13. A

    world cup

    world cup is bigger than life,when its on everything STOPS
  14. S

    World Cup

    There was a bet in mc leans bookies last week 10-1 that England wouldn't win a match I thought bad bet but sorry I didn't take it now
  15. H

    World Cup

    We shall be coming over shortly, any suggestions as to the best place in Dalaman to watch the World Cup matches. Thanks
  16. 1

    The real world cup - hockey in the Netherlands

    Anyone watching this on Sky Sports? These players (just the women) put footballers to shame on the quick recoveries they make! England ladies lost today (ranked 3rd in world) to USA (10th) Just watched the (men) Kiwis (blacksticks) beat S Korea, now, Argentina v RSA (women) Takes me back to...
  17. Sunny Seasider

    World Cup 2014

    I know it's a few weeks away yet, but thought I would start a thread for this very exciting event in the sporting calendar. As the weeks progress, we can start to map out what's hot and what's not, we could even start a poll as to who we think who will win, runners up, straws pulled etc; I...
  18. S

    FA Cup final

    I see BT Sport are this year trying to reintroduce the " whole day" build up,to the Cup Final God I remember the old days when terrestrial tv had Cup final quiz and Cup Final,its a Knock out in the 6 hour build up to the cup final
  19. Dalaman Deli

    Watching the World Cup

    We have customers who are coming out in June and want to watch the world cup at their villa. They have an old satellite dish in the garden and asked if it could be set up for this purpose. According to the TV man here it can't. He says they need to set up a package on the internet, but the...
  20. Yalides

    Cheltenham gold cup

    £700.00 for drinks and nosh in the hospitality tent ?????
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