1. bickern

    Turkey’s cologne culture

    Anyone who has ever spent time or simply visited Turkey could easily attest to the Turks affinity for cologne, aka "kolonya." Not to be mistaken for the fancy male perfumes regularly purchased at duty-free or designer shops, what I am referring to is kolonya, which in English is best translated...
  2. A

    Marriage and Turkish Culture

    Hi, I was just curious about marrying in Turkey, marrying a Turkish person to be specific. Does anyone know or care to share their experiences? e.g in UK its normal to spend around £30,000 on a wedding, especially in Asian cultures. Is it the same for Turkish people? do Turkish people do...
  3. teosgirl

    Rape culture

    UN: Woman Or Child Raped Every 26 Seconds On another thread we've been discussing the fact that in some communities rape and abuse of women is almost an accepted occurrence. The UN report published today seems to suggest that it's a way of life in some regions of the world. I always assumed...
  4. bal canavar

    Turkeys New Tourism & Culture Minister

    He has just started as Turkey’s new Culture & Tourism minister, but he has already declared war on foreign media and concert pianists who allow their audiences to drink wine and sit on cushions on the floor. He is supposed to be in this Interim government for only two months, but he has...
  5. Leo

    Side festival of culture & arts

    Hi friends, I am trying to find a link to the free concerts in Side. I know I have seen it - but for the life of me I can find it now. Anyone able to post it for me - thanks in advance. Also, if anyone has a link to the concerts at Aspendos (the old original one - not the modern place next...
  6. O

    The Culture Club kicks off!

    Ladies&Gentlemen, The Culture Club kicks off in January! It suits all age groups and genders. It includes: -Turkish language&culture course, -Cooking in Turkish style (soups,desserts,olive oiled Mediterranean foods,vegetarian foods,recipe exchanges), -Library (book and dvd exchange,borrowing)...
  7. M

    Uk city of culture 2017

  8. RustyDalyan

    History, art, culture, music in Istanbul

    I'm bringing a group of women (all 45+) to Istanbul again in September. We've been once and done the standard Sultanahmet, Topkapi, Spice Bazaar etc. This time I've been asked to choose other interesting sights/events. (Though I will go back to Topkapi - love to just spend mooching time...
  9. R

    Articles for the International Culture Magazine

    Dear Friends From October this year we have started an new project and doing the magazine about international life and culture in turkey and for each issue i collet articles from people/foreigners who live in Turkey full or part time, doesn t matter. Could it be possible for you to write an...
  10. R

    ICCM International Culture Center of Mahmutlar club meeting

    ICCM Club Meetings 6 of July, Friday, 18:00, ICCM Library English Conversation Club Topic: Travel all over the Turkey Everybody is welcome to join the meeting in a nice library atmosphere by the cup of tea or coffee with a great company! The aim of the English conversation club is to bring all...
  11. C

    Turkish v. American Culture

    Merhaba! I will be moving to Turkey this September, and for part of the training I'm supposed to discuss the differences between my American culture and Turkish culture. I'm a 23 year old girl from Los Angeles, and I'll be moving to Istanbul. I'm specifically supposed to ask, "What did you...
  12. shirleyanntr

    İnternational Culture Centre Mahmutlar

    Last Saturday i visited the culture centre in Mahmutlar and had a great day out. this was a follow on meeting regarding the project that Alanya Belediye have initiated to endure foreign residents feel secure and part of the local scene in Alanya and the outlying districts. i posted a thread...
  13. L

    Traditions in the Turkish Culture.

    Hi, My name is Leonie, I am a graduate student from the University of Technology, the Netherlands. For my graduation project I am desiging an interactive installation based on a combination of the Dutch and Turkish Culture. In this project I am focusing on the changes in these cultures...
  14. H

    Drinking culture

    On a more serious note than ginogs supposed joke its very sad to sometimes see so many ex pats end up with drinking problems when they stay abroad. I suppose its a combination of empty days and cheaper booze that pushes some to get too caught up in it. The AA groups do a great job and I do feel...
  15. John O' Dreams

    Silicone culture freaks

    Exposed: the terrible price to pay for low self-esteem This is a horror story - a real one - and it's only just begun. In France, more than 30,000 women have discovered that their breast implants are made of industrial-grade silicone. A French company manufactures these 'economy' alternatives...
  16. tykatem

    Benefit Culture

    BBC (Look North) is running a series this week on how benefit cuts are affecting local claimants. This morning it was an unemployed couple whining that they won't be able to manage when the £500.00 per week cap comes into affect. Three children and a fourth on the way, huge expensive fishtank in...
  17. T

    What is British culture?

    i was thinking about what is British culture and I think that I asked a 100 people this question I would get 100 different answers. So I am asking you what is British culture? Is it Saturday afternoon football? Drinking tea? Loving animals? Being tolerant? Queuing? Getting drunk? Or what is it...
  18. lara

    English Culture

    What is English culture? What do we mean by English culture and is it something tangible like fish and chips or is it more complexed, what does it mean for you?
  19. E

    Side Culture and Art Festival July 23 - September 17

    The annual Side Culture and Art Festival starts next weekend. According to this article in the Huriyet performances will take place in the antique theatre and near the Apollo Temple. Hope many of you will be able to enjoy the concerts. Last year a number of performances were completely for...
  20. denise bannell

    gumusluk cultural centre

    Heard that there is a new cultural centre opening at gumusluk. Will be displaying arts and craft in the season and other activities including live music . There is also a Bistro proposed . They will be doing a Brunch next Sunday for 14 tl Gumus Bache in the main road past Gumusluk harbour going...
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