1. J

    mahmutlar cultural centre

    hi could anyone tell me exactly where the mahmutlar cultural centre is and is that where they do a turkish course?
  2. F

    Any upcoming cultural events ?

    Hy myself and my fiancee are visiting Gumusluk on the 5th of july until the 19th and on last years visit we attended a beautiful charity event held near the old town hall and we really enjoyed the laid back friendly cultural atmosphere. We are wandering if any one who lives out there could...
  3. S

    Ladies; cultural differences can catch you out

    This subject matter is old hat now, but something quite unpleasant happened a couple of days ago, so I'll relate it as an example of how you really have to be careful about the differences in our cultures. We have a good circle of Turkish friends in the village where I live, drawn together by...

    New cultural centre in Turgutreis

    I am delighted to read of a new Cultural centre in Turgutreis. Where exactly is it located? Is it that old building across from the marina which was an eye sore for years? Well done to the Sabancı family! Read more here: Bodrum receives new culture center - Hurriyet Daily News
  5. denise bannell

    gumusluk cultural centre

    Heard that there is a new cultural centre opening at gumusluk. Will be displaying arts and craft in the season and other activities including live music . There is also a Bistro proposed . They will be doing a Brunch next Sunday for 14 tl Gumus Bache in the main road past Gumusluk harbour going...
  6. C

    Cultural Events from Coastal Towns- HDN

    Someone was asking for how to find notice of concerts etc, this listing is starting to get better, but covers from Mersin to Izmir, and throws films into. It is out every Monday and in the newspaper on the same day. Cultural events from coastal towns - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  7. A

    Side Cultural Events 24 July to 29 Oct FREE

    :416pv: The festival will host internationally known Turkish and foreign artists in 23 events - FREE - some by the Apollo Temple - see Side 10. Uluslararası Kültür ve Sanat Festivali for complete listing. :416pv:
  8. A

    Side Cultural Festival 24 July to 29 Oct 2010

    :224xb: The festival will host internationally known Turkish and foreign artists in 23 events - mostly FREE - some by the Apollo Temple - see Side 10. Uluslararası Kültür ve Sanat Festivali for complete listing. :224xb:
  9. S

    cultural and less cultural events

    I have a small suggestion as a newcomer. Deffinitely you have a social life here in Antalya: concerts you and ballets you go to see and clubs you meet your people. If it's not too private could you let others also know about nice events you are going to tale part in. I feel like I don't know...
  10. KKOB

    Turkish Cultural Foundation Archives

    An online image archive of Turkish art, created from some 12,000 digitised slides, was launched last week by the Turkish Cultural Foundation. 54-year-old Turkish art archive now online - Hurriyet Daily News Enter the archives Here
  11. Joe in Tasucu

    A short cultural shock

    When one moves abroad one expects some differences. Johnny Foreigner is, after all, a rum cove. Astounding, atrocious, amoral behaviour are not so much expected as, well to be frank, hoped for. However in moving to Turkey one couldn't help notice the number of men, grown men mark you, who were...
  12. G

    British-Turkish Cultural Society?

    Please can someone explain the aims of that society to me? [Preferably a founding member.]
  13. Pennie

    Cultural differences

    Whilst at the bar last night, the girls and I were sitting around a table and talking amongst ourselves. Beth's boyfriend Bulut and Ches's boss Erol joined us. Anyway, firstly Ches and Beth were saying they had to ring there dad to bring some Tampax over from the UK as they are difficult to get...
  14. A

    Cultural advice (I Think)

    :tigger: I'm a youngish (mid 30s) young black woman, and I've travel to various parts of Turkey for the pas 2 1/2 years and I love the place. I would like to move there eventually to maybe Istanbul or Bodrum. I've never had any problems trabelling around but would like to know if I'd have...
  15. VWBug

    Cultural and sporting aspects of Turkey

    As there are so many different ways in which the Turks have expressed themselves culturally, it is difficult to cover them all in such a short space. One has to start with their architecture such as their marvelous mosques, whose interior spaces are covered in tiles. Then one moves on to Topkapi...
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