1. T

    Genuine local cuisine

    Hi, Although my wife and I are going to an AI resort this year we do like to venture out quite often and particularly eat Turkish food. Can anyone recommend a good local restaurant for an evening meal. My wife is vegetarian so must be suitable for her - I prefer meat dishes myself. Also, what...
  2. M

    Authentic turkish cuisine.

    We are staying in turgetries in July for two weeks, been to Turkey before. First time in Turgetries. Can anyone recommend any traditional turkish restaurants that cater for the locals and not the tourists. We are prepared to go off the beaten track. We enjoy eating local cuisine.
  3. ceemac

    İzmir cuisine looking to make a comeback

    A group of entrepreneurs in the Aegean province of İzmir is trying to breathe new life into the region’s rich food culture. Here C
  4. D

    Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine and Live Music Night

    I've been asked to pass on details of the second "Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine and Live Music Night" at Teldolap Restaurant in the hills of Gümüşlük. If you've been looking for a restaurant that cooks homely traditional Turkish food, then you can't go far wrong with Teldolap. Anyway, pitch over...
  5. B

    Has nobody ever eaten at Sofis Agean Cuisine?

    Just returned home from Yali and amazed to find that 'the best meal in Yalikavak' still lingers on! But...................for the record of are my top resturants with marks out of ten. Sofis Agean Cuisine 10 Dede 10 Kosede 9 Secret Garden 9 Capers 7 Three Brothers...
  6. B

    Balti House Authentic Indian Cuisine

    Hı there ın 1999 that was my fırst tıme 2 Turkey in ALTINKUM.Everythıng was fantastıc.I really enjoyed my holıday.The thıng was make my holıday be great been 2 Balti House authentic ındian cuısıne rest. and met 2 BILLY.Couse he looked us very well and be so frıendly 2 us and also served us...
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