As someone who in the past has always said that I would never go on a cruise and been a bit "Sniffy" about them being like "Hi De hi" afloat and being averse to having my life organized for me, recently I find myself coming round to the idea but am not yet convinced. Those who are confirmed...
  2. K

    Gulet Cruises sailing from Tuzla

    Hi Everyone, My friends have just bought a gulet boat and it's moored in Bogazici. The Captain is Murat a Turkish man and his partner is Tony an English lady. If you need any details about trips etc please contact me. K'la
  3. zozatky

    Mini Cruises out of Kusadasi

    Has any forum members out there know of short mini cruises around the Turkish coast ..!!
  4. B


    Now that easy cruise is set to start sailing from Bodrum I was wondering if any one is intending to use this cruise, & has any info on the ship? Also does any one know of any cruises that depart from Turkey? Done the Blue cruise on prvate charter several times but I would now like to try...
  5. D

    Gulet Cruises

    My wife and I fancy taking a Gulet cruise in september this year mid way through our holiday period. Having briefly read about them, there are a couple of questions we need answers to. Firstly... Who are the best companies who do them ? Do any of them leave from Fethiye, as well as...
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