1. Tenpin

    News Istanbul’s Galataport welcomes Russian cruise ship

    Istanbul’s Galataport welcomes Russian cruise ship Extract: The Astoria Grande cruise ship, which started its first tour from the Russian city of Sochi in the Black Sea, has arrived in Istanbul. The...
  2. Tenpin

    News Turkey’s ports welcome 54 cruise ships in January-April

    Turkey’s ports welcome 54 cruise ships in January-April Extract: Turkey’s ports welcomed 54 cruise ships carrying nearly 35,000 passengers between January and April this year, according to the...
  3. bickern

    The return of the BOOZE CRUISE!

    The return of the BOOZE CRUISE! Calais is planning to make whole city DUTY-FREE to entice UK shoppers across channel to take advantage of cheap alcohol and cigarettes post Brexit. Mayor Natacha Bouchart wants a tax free area that takes in the whole port city. Calais has launched an ambitious...
  4. M

    Cruise for sale

    Cruise leaving Southampton 2nd September to 9th September, disabled balcony cabin on 3 deck P&O Brittannia to Norweigan Fjords. Paid £2100 anyone interested to make an offer £1200 or over please make contact via email This includes a Funiciler railway trip in Bergen...
  5. C

    Cruise - For peace & Relaxation

    The Australian cruise liner Carnival Legend, had to send 9 passengers off the ship after the cruise from hell. Six men and three minors from the Italian Barkho family were sent ashore at Canberra after 72 hours of mass brawls with other passengers. Many passengers spent the cruise locked in...
  6. A

    Bosphorus cruise

    Hi, has anyone been on a boat cruise on the Bosphurus from Istanbul? I last went like 6 years ago. Any idea how much it costs now? thanks.
  7. F

    Antalya cruise and yacht port

    Antalya Cruise Port Project Will Open for Bids Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is looking to tap into the cruise ship travel industry on a massive scale with a new project to accommodate world class cruise liners. The Antalya Cruise and Yacht Harbour Complex Project has received...
  8. E

    Cruise from Marmaris

    Has anyone ever taken a cruise from Marmaris port? Any suggestions / recommendations please
  9. D

    Big Cruise ships coming to Fethiye

    I have been reading recently about a new major effort locally by a determined, optimistic,group of people to make an area of Fethiye ( Harbour) a recognised location `stop over ` several days in a week for big Ocean going Cruise ships. Personally and selfishly I hope it doesn`t...
  10. hijo

    Cruise Ships in Kusadasi

    ....... took these at around 7.30 am..looks like were in for a busy day in town..
  11. E

    Cruise from Marmaris

    Hello all, just some advice and experience sought please. My wife and I are visiting Marmaris this year in May and again jun August. We are thinking, instead of flying home to Belfast, getting a cruise ship and returning to GB that way. My question(s) real are has anyone experience of...
  12. Mushtaq

    Cruise Holidays - Where and When to go

    As we have a few regular cruisers, I thought I'd start a thread to encourage some exchange of information. What are the worst and best cruises, things to look out for and things to avoid. My fear has always been of getting dodgy food and end up sitting with people I don't really want to be...
  13. Leo

    Gullet cruise

    Hi all, looking for any advice. We spend lots of our time in our apartment in Side, and have been on some wonderful trips of discovery across beautiful Turkey, but never been on a gullet cruise - so we've booked one next week, from Kas to Fethiye for a week. Would be good to hear if others...
  14. L

    Hotels Near Marmaris Cruise Port

    :95im::95im:Hi Can anyone recommend a decent hotel, not too expensive, close to the Cruise Port in Marmaris. We're cruising in June and have flights arriving into Dalaman the night before we sail so only need one night and as long as it's clean, comfortable and has a bar, then we're happy...
  15. E

    Cruise ships in Alanya

    I know there are several cruiseships visiting alanya regularly over the year. Does anybody have any experience booking a cruise on one of them? I mean when the ship is in the harbor, do they have like a "last minute ticket office" for free cabins or similar?
  16. scotssteve

    Lunatic Councillors - Booze Cruise TO England

    Just remember They want to invite Bus loads of alcohol driven tourists across the border I couldn't make this one up!!!!!!!! read on loony:
  17. maggie

    Bhosphorous Dinner Cruise.

    Im going to Istanbul for my 60th Birthday ,I have been deliberating whether to go on one of their evening dinner cruises . Looking on trip advisor there are mixed reviews . Would I do better to spend my £100 on a nice resturant meal instead. Any one been on one of these cruises are they worth...
  18. skydog

    Dalamancay Cruise

    The first joint expedition to chart the lower waters of the Dalamancay river from Fethiye - Ortaca bridge to Sarigerme was completed today by a joint Leylek/Gunluk task force with no loss of life. In the Sea-Doo was Andy and June (June did most of the paddling) and bringing up the front for...
  19. K

    gulet cruise

    has anyone done a gulet cruise while out there we asked at several boats in Bodrum last year and it seems you have to rent the whole boat we just want a cabin on a trip but on a decent boat.
  20. pineapple1

    1 Millon £ Cruise

    I need to start doing the Euro lottery for this one .. Or find a man thats won it .. If you won it would you go on this cruise I would ...... Diane The ultimate cruise - for £1m per couple - Yahoo! Travel UK
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