1. juco

    British gas are a bunch of deceitful crooks

    They claim prices have gone up by 9.2% (end Nov) which was bad enough so I thought I would check this quarters bill against the same figures at the new rates.....guess what 19% increase. They have taken away the tariff I was using and forced me on to a fixed daily rate and also taken away the...
  2. K

    Thomas Crooks

    Hi Travelled from Stansted to Antalya yesterday with Thomas Crooks, they now weigh hand luggage at check in desk. When you get to departure gate they again weigh and check size of hand luggage, if over 5kilos it has to go in the hold and they charge £40-00. Ladies no bags only one piece of hand...
  3. Acamas

    Most crooks are dumb

    If you needed proof, here it is:;jsessionid=EQ225KH3VFGUXQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/08/19/nthief19.xml
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