1. suzyq

    Outgoing First Lady breaks silence on criticism, promises ‘intifada'

    First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül startled media commentators when she broke her silence on a wave of criticism targeting her husband after he signaled return to politics, saying she will start “the real intifada” in response to attacks that she said were worse than those in the notorious...
  2. Squeaky

    Bilingual debate turns into autonomy discussion, triggering wave of criticism

    Good afternoon: The bilingual debate, kicked off by a pro-Kurdish party, entered a predicament yesterday when the Diyarbakır Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the decisions of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), which transformed the discussion into a demand for...
  3. ceemac

    Archbishop's 'Regret' Over Catholic Criticism

    Every time this halfwit opens his mouth...... 'The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he "had no intention of criticising" the Catholic Church in Ireland after declaring it had lost "all credibility" over the child sex abuse scandal.' Here C
  4. ceemac

    Call To Prayers Criticism

    A group calling itself the Platform of Volunteers for the Call to Prayer stated in an open letter published in a number of Turkish dailies on Friday that the Directorate of Religious Affairs should abolish the central broadcasting system for the Islamic call to prayer and sermons. Here C
  5. shirleyanntr

    insulting posts or valid criticism.

    Recently there was a post the title of the thread was insulting to children..not just children but the term Turkish children..and an insulting epithet added ...sensibly this has been removed. This forum gets read by many more people than the members, and so while criticism is of course in...
  6. gus

    criticism welcome!

    Hi all I shot some virtual tours in Turgutreis,Turkey, and have posted them on : in the gallery Please give any feedback, especially if you encounter problems viewing the tours or have any recommendations. Ignore the rest of the site....for now.....its still under...
  7. Smiler

    Constructive criticism please...?

    ...of my new web site. To me it's a master piece which cannot be bettered. :) To other people viewing, it's a horrible mish mash of pictures and garbled text!! :dooh: Could people please give me any constructive (or even just down-right rude comments if they feel that strongly), critisisms...
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