1. S

    Kindle critical updates required by 22nd March

    Hav'nt seen anything on here yet regarding Amazon Kindle updates. I've been informed as many others have that many Kindles have to be updated. This is now a critical update for many of us because we won't be able to use many of them after 22nd March 2016. We won't be able to access the cloud...
  2. Tommie

    Windows 8.1 Critical Updates

    Has Microsoft done it again? In simple non-technical terms it looks like Microsoft will not support critical updates unless users update to 8.1 by 2015. Apparently, one cannot update to 8.1 unless you have a 64-bit processor. More...... Has anyone gone to 8.1 with a 32-bit processor?
  3. P

    Fry critical of the Beeb

    BBC News - Stephen Fry criticises 'childish' British TV Must have a selective memory of his parts in Blackadder or was it the wedge he was paid,pompous tosser.
  4. merlin

    Six patches for MS - One Critical... Next Tuesday....

    Advance Warning.... Microsoft plans to release six patches next Tuesday, 9 August. All of the patches involve Microsoft Windows and at least one is critical. Merv!
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