1. oldfogy

    What's the criteria for opening a joint account?

    As the title says 'What's the criteria for opening a joint account?' Basically do both parties need to have a tax number or would it be ok for just one person to have a tax number, bank in question will be for HSBC.
  2. H

    Turkish Residency Permit renewal criteria?

    I am living with my boyfriend in Alanya and want to re new my residency. I have quite a few thousand in Turkish bank acc but not quite the required amount this year. My boyfriend supports me, is there a way I can say this or get around this in order to get my residency. Thanks.
  3. immac

    Property Value Criteria

    From ZAMAN: Factors affecting real estate value Some of the important factors affecting real estate values are people’s feelings, the financial and spiritual value accorded to physical property, and societal, economic, political and general financial situations. For every piece of...
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