1. bickern

    A killer, 2 rapists and 7 violent criminals barred from being deported

    A killer, two rapists and seven violent criminals are among the 25 serious offenders barred from being deported to Jamaica by court ruling leaving PM Boris Johnson 'furious' at judicial review procedure. Judges have stopped the deportation of 25 serious offenders to Jamaica, Charity argued they...
  2. teosgirl

    Amnesty for criminals

    The tragicomedy of Turkish politics continues, with the blatant lie told only days ago - Turkish Justice Minister denies amnesty plans - POLITICS To 5 days later.... Turkey to release 38,000 from jail; frees space for coup plotters - LOCAL Two years or less....what kind of crime do you...
  3. B

    Malala Yousafzai criminals jailed.

    Pakistan court jails 10 for Malala Yousafzai attack - BBC News It's good to see that the shooters who tried to silence this young girl, have at last been brought to justice. Bill.
  4. S

    Tel Aviv Criminals

    Just a little insight into the thinking and actions of this vile regime.
  5. bickern

    Please support our criminals - Best Gun Control Commercial
  6. P

    Foreign criminals

    Judges 'sabotaged' MPs' bid to deport rapists and thugs... but Theresa May vows to crush judges' revolt by rushing through tough new laws | Mail Online Is she correct in demanding their deportation.
  7. ted j

    Would you live in a street full of criminals?

    We were thinking of moving into a little 2 up 2 down, but the other residents seem a right criminal lot with most of them having been in jail , take a look at the list......Jim, Steve and Becky MacDonald.... Ken (yes, Ken !) , Deidre and Tracy Barlow.... Gail and David Platt .... Rita...
  8. M

    Why does vt employes ex criminals!!!!!

    Could someone please tel me , why does a professional company like VT employs ex criminals ???? such as counterfeiters that spend 4 years in jail??? I will reveal the name in two days time this is the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Also my second question is why is someone...
  9. bobthenob

    lnto The Criminals Mind

    I thought l’ll start off with one of the topics put to me by Star Sky on the subject about the criminal mind. I suppose I mean, getting into the mind of those people who are closed to only criminal thoughts. Unlocking their intentions and opening them up to the mind of the victim. 1/ How to...
  10. bobthenob

    Criminals are Fools

    l have written this article to let others know what l think of people turning to crime,and how it can effect us all instigated by the evil minds around us degenerating a society that can easily be bonded in strength if we had a proper system in place that has the commonsense to punish the...
  11. KKOB

    Why the Police Can't Catch Criminals

    Here's a link to the Inspector Gadget Blog. "Inspector Gadget" is the blog name of a real life police inspector somewhere in the UK. The name he uses for his "force" is the Ruralshire Constabulary. It gives a great insight into how the Police are managed in the UK and answers the question...
  12. P

    hardened criminals getting down to it in prison

    Why arent we doing this sort of thing in England?? :D
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