1. bickern

    Supervised offenders charged with violent crimes rises 21% - UK

    Supervised offenders charged with violent crimes rises 21%. The number of offenders charged with serious crimes including murder, manslaughter and rape while they were being monitored in the community has jumped by more than a fifth in a year, the Guardian can reveal. There were 627 serious...
  2. Mushtaq

    Crackdown on 'corrosive' online hate crimes launched by Crown Prosecution Service

    Changes 'will remind the trolling brigade that there are real consequences for hitting the button' and will 'undoubtedly lead to an increase in prosecutions' Hate crimes committed on social media will be treated as seriously as similar street-based offences, according to new guidelines issued...
  3. bickern

    Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes

    Please, please, please let this be true. ------------------------------------------------------- Jeremy Corbyn is preparing to call for Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes in the wake of a damning Chilcot report into Britain's involvement in the Iraq War, the Telegraph understands...
  4. Mushtaq

    UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia

    UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill civilians in Yemen. Britain is at risk of being prosecuted for war crimes because of growing evidence that missiles sold to Saudi Arabia have been used against civilian targets in Yemen’s brutal...
  5. B

    Israel/Palestine war crimes.

    UN: War crimes possibly committed by both sides in Gaza - Al Jazeera English If there is any possibility of these charges being proved, then both sides should be dragged before the International Criminal Court...
  6. T

    Turkish Gov continues to stifle debate, investigation, and remembrance of some crimes

    In 1978 Kurds were massacred in Kahramanmaraş, the has been banned from protesting on the anniversary of this event. Such bans have been a perennial problem in this provincial city, but reflect the casual limitations on freedom of expression which still plague Turkish public discourse. As...
  7. T

    International Criminal Court Must Take on ISIS Crimes Against Children

    It is remarkable how little anger or even shock has accompanied or been evoked by last week's damning report, produced jointly by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Children were also found manning checkpoints on the road from Qayara...
  8. Mushtaq

    Greek Cypriots file war crimes complaint against Turkey

    A group of Greek Cypriots has filed a war crimes complaint against Turkey at the International Criminal Court over what they say is its policy of settling Cyprus’ breakaway north with mainland Turks. Cyprus split into a Turkish-speaking north and an internationally recognized Greek-speaking...
  9. T

    Iraq War Crimes probe UK Ministers

    Do you think these people should be tried for the action they took? I think they should. Senior Ministers In Blair's Government Face Crime Probe Over Iraq 'War Crimes'
  10. giglets

    New Proposals on Sentencing for Sex Crimes.

    Some good ideas here - POLITICS - Draft bill to toughen sexual abuse penalties in Turkey The Turkish government has completed its work on legal regulations that will increase the penalty for sex-related crimes, paving the way for the chemical castration of suspects convicted of child abuse...
  11. shirleyanntr

    list of crimes verdicts and sentences

    heres a round-up of recent criminal court name and shame..most of those involved just go by initials (sorry there are no emlaks in the list) İ like the courts decision not to send a woman to prison for killing her husband after he beat her for looking at a pic of a naked man...
  12. Tommie

    Donkey rustler among Victorian crimes

    Interesting story about donkey rustlers in Dorset many years ago. More... Have any members partaken of donkey rustling here in Turkey?
  13. teosgirl

    Jon venables guilty of Child porn crimes

    Jon Venables Appears By Video-Link At Old Bailey On Child Pornography Charges | UK News | Sky News I'm shocked at how careless the system is! How is it possible to committ such atrocious crimes and be so poorly monitored afterwards?! Such a sad day... this man continues to victimize children...
  14. gren

    Bid to arrest minister for Israeli war crimes

    Bid to arrest Ehud Barak in Britain rejected - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  15. J

    war crimes

    Richard Goldstone, A South African Judge, said he was shocked to have been chosen to head the investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes during the recent Gaza Strip conflict. He said he was shocked because he is a Jew. According to a Palestinian rghts group, 1,417 people, including 926...
  16. immac

    100,000 Crimes Cancelled

    From today's ZAMAN 100,000 suspected robbers, muggers released due to case overload With a backed-up trial load of 94,000 cases of robbery, purse-snatching and mugging before the Supreme Court of Appeals, a reported 70,000 trials are being dropped from the docket since the statute of...
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