1. yalimart

    England Cricket

    Well done England Cricket, edge of the seat stuff ! Bring on Brexit ! Martin

    Not cricket

    Australia is more upset about cheating at cricket than the UK is about cheating in the Brexit referendum. Ball tampering clearly worse than bus tampering!
  3. mollag

    I dont like cricket, oh no.

    Australian ball tamperer American ball tamperer. :loony:
  4. Spurs

    Cricket bat & bleach

    18 months??????????? You couldn't make it up. 'Cricket-lie' wife attacker Mustafa Bashir jailed - BBC News
  5. Tommie

    Cricket or Locust?

    Can anyone help me to identify this fella as I'm getting a mixed response from a number of knowledgeable people. It's approx 100 mm in length and does not see in the least bit nervous unless he's frozen with fear.
  6. D

    FANTASY CRICKET 2015 Season.

    If your taking part in this year's, Daily Telegraph Fantasy Cricket. Please come along and join My League below. You get one team that is free to play. LEAGUE NAME - Payneful to Play. PIN NUMBER - 8056816
  7. bickern

    Cricket 'was invented in Belgium'

    New academic research claims cricket is not English, but was imported by immigrants from northern Belgium. A poem thought to have been written in 1533 has been uncovered, which suggests the game originates from Flanders. In the work attributed to John Skelton, Flemish weavers are labelled...
  8. Yalides


    Spent a few hours yesterday watching local cricket between Corsham and Bath. Had a few beers whilst trying to understand the game. Great time till it rained. Will deffo do it again.
  9. Ian2006

    Cutting out Estate Agents - NOT Cricket !

    My neighbour recently sold his apartment - he had it for sale with numerous agents for over 12 months and we live in a Turkish area. Of the serious inquiries I would estimate that 1 in 3 came back a couple of days later to offer a lower amount and wanted to do the transaction without an agent...
  10. tykatem

    Pakistan Cricket Pair Guilty Of Betting Scam

    Former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt and bowler Mohammad Asif have been found guilty of conspiring to fix parts of last summer's Lord's Test against England. Butt, 27, and 28-year-old fast bowler Asif plotted to bowl deliberate no-balls in the match as part of a lucrative betting scam...
  11. P

    Owzat! not quite cricket.

    Man bailed over Test fixing claims - News - Virgin Media Now apparently 82 matches being looked at.
  12. Sailor

    World T20 Cricket.

    Watching Ireland give England a run for their money at the moment. 37-3 after 7.5 overs.This new format in cricket can only be good for the game in associate countries.:321oi:
  13. ceemac

    Rules Of Cricket For The Uninitiated

    You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that's in the side that's in goes out, and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out. When they are all out, the side that's out comes in and the side thats been in goes out and tries to get those coming...
  14. v6cod

    Bermudas' womens cricket reaches new heights

    Bermuda's male cricketers may have made a positive impact during last year's World Cup in the West Indies, but their women counterparts are clearly some way behind after they were bowled out for just 13 in a World Cup qualifier against South Africa. In reply, the South Africans took just four...
  15. GnD

    Sports bar showing cricket

    Does anyone know if there are any sports bars in the Dalaman, Dalyan or Fetihye area showing Sky Sports. Want to watch some of the cricket whilst I am over there in August. More misery for England probably but never mind. Thx
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