1. H

    Happy birthday Crescent Homes !

    I see it's Crescent Home's birthday today. So, wishing you well. Hilary x
  2. bal canavar

    Red Crescent

    The head of the Red Crescent Istanbul Organization Ilhami Yildirim Twittered in regarding the death of a protester " Live quietly like a DONKEY or you will get the hell out" after the death of UGUR KURT hit by a stray bullet while attending a funeral What a insensitive message from the...
  3. S

    Crescent Homes

    Happy bday
  4. stmary

    crescent homes

    Hi we have been trying to get on crescent homes mailing list on their webpage and also tried sending a message about a property advertised and nothing is getting through to them,it keeps saying server error,has anyone else had any problems in the last day or two , any help will be gladly...
  5. Mary

    crescent homes banner

    Hi can anyone explain why the banner for Crescent Homes has dissapeared from the left hand side of the forum. Mushtaq what has happened please?
  6. C

    crescent homes

    would someone please give me simple directions to crescent homes office ,,,,thanks
  7. juco

    Thanks to Crescent Homes

    Thanks to all at for handling the sale of a property. All stages were conducted in a professional manner and their communications were quick, concise with all questions answered in a timely manner. Very little of my own time was required due to the pre sale work undertaken by Crescent...
  8. C

    Crescent Homes

    My apoligies if there is already a thread on this, but could not find it after searching. I must say a big thank you to Steve and the team at Crescent Homes. After considerable thought over the last month, and after selling my apt in Fethiye, I decided to have a weekend 'foundation' trip to...
  9. S

    Crescent Holiday Rentals

    Hi I am looking for the owner or moderator for crescent holiday rentals i have seen a few apartments but when i email it bounces back! Splash X
  10. kale

    Crescent homes

    :28:Happy Birthday to CRESCENT HOMES and all staff 3rd March Cheers everyone Kale Yvonnexxx
  11. carolk

    Seasons Greetings from Crescent Homes/Akaylar

    To all our friends, old and new. Thank you for making this a wonderful year for us. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! From all of us to all of you. x x x
  12. A

    TLF crescent

    What is the meaning of this crescent?
  13. D

    Where are Crescent Homes Located in Altinkum?

    Hi All, We are considering selling up and as Crescent seem to be well recommended on here we may as well try them as any other estate agents. We are located behind the Bim, opposite side of road to Carrefour. Can anyone give me directions to their premises? Thanks - Dawn
  14. Pakistan Army

    Turkey Red Crescent building mosque in Azad Kashmir

    Turkey Red Crescent building mosque in Pakistan's Kashmir The Turkish aid organization Kizilay is constructing a mosque in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir region. Thursday, 15 July 2010 11:29 The Turkish aid organization Kizilay (Turkish Red Crescent) is constructing a mosque in the...
  15. S

    Happy Birthday Crescent Homes

    Happy bday! Is it Mushtaqs or the business?
  16. CrescentHomes

    Apologies from Crescent Homes!

    We are having some problems with our emails at the moment. Anyone who has emailed and awaiting a reply, normal service will resume as soon as possible. I have not forgotten anyone!. :kiss:
  17. Angela Stansfield

    Thank you Crescent Homes

    Another thank you to Crescent Homes for resolving my friends Tapu problems. A very honest and reliable service!
  18. W

    Thank you Crescent Homes

    I have just completed the transfer of my TAPU for a property I purchased in Altinkum and would like to thank both Gokhan and Mushtaq from Crescent Homes for all their help and support throughout the process, especially Gokhan. Both Mushtaq and Gokhan are honest and trustworthy business men, and...
  19. CrescentHomes

    Crescent Homes New Service - A Virtual tour

    Crescent Homes can now offer a virtual tour of any property for sale or to rent. More and more people are turning to the internet to research and look for suitable property abroad. We all know how important photography can be but, a 360 degree virtual tour lets them actually see your home for...
  20. steve & sue

    Crescent Homes Banner

    Excuse me if this has been mentioned before but the telephone dialling code on the Crescent Homes banner starts with 0092 when the code for Turkey is 0090. Just thought i would point this out!!!!
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