1. D

    Chocolate Creme Eggs....

    Is there no end to it they're mucking about with an all time beloved Crème Eggs :animation:animation
  2. L

    cigars cafe creme

    Odd question but my partner smokes cafe creme, can these be bought in altinkum and how much are they? Thanks
  3. essex_girl

    cream or creme fraiche?

    Can someone tell me the turkish for these two items please? Can I get them in Kippa or Migros? Many thanks:46:
  4. thingthong

    creme frais

    Just wondering can one buy creme fraiche in kippa or metro in bodrum?Or what the name of the turkish equivalent I know its trivial ,but its a key ingredient in one of my salads and was wondering if i need to bring it with us in a thermos bag? Thanks............................................
  5. Struggs

    Pashmina & Comfort Creme

    This is a nice one, you get a Pashmina, bottle of comfort creme, enough for 3 washes and a 40p off coupon. You only need to supply 1 friend's e'mail address, I just gave one of my other e'mail addys :lol:
  6. Struggs

    Comfort Creme fabric conditioner

    Free sample
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