1. R

    Creepy crawlies!!!

    Suggestions please for getting rid of those ants that seem to appear out of nowhere in their thousands!!!!!Also best ideas for the cockroaches too???!!!All suggestions gratefully received xxx
  2. Holty

    Creepie crawlies

    After reading a thread about the capture and release of a snake on another part of the forum i just wondered if there were any creepy crawlies or snakes in the area that i needed to keep an eye out for?
  3. SonnyJim

    Creepy crawlies!!!!!!

    Last night whilst I was in bed I could hear something under my pillow, then on my arm???!!! Screamed and put the light on, husband and I threw back the covers, nothing there..... Same again, no, must be my imagination running wild??? No, definately something crawling up my foot...
  4. carolk

    Bugs creepy crawlies and jumping spiders

    Does anyone know how to rid the house of these things, is there something you can get and where from please? I have tired all the sprays but the last straw is a massive spider with legs over an inch and a half long, it has a big grey body!!! HELP!! :thanks:
  5. B

    creepy crawlies

    I was reading on the bbc web site about foreign spiders living there. But Turkey has a lovely variety of it's own. Here are some websites for further reading (and screaming, lol) Spiders on Wikipedia
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