1. niamh

    Dog crate prices?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know rough prices for a dog crate for a medium sized dog? Not the travel crates, its so i can crate train new puppy! Or a baby gate as a plan b (im sure i saw them a while ago in migros). Any help much appreciated :)
  2. S

    Dog Crate for Sale

    I have a Ferplas airline approved dog crate for sale - £40 Only used once in November when bringing our Staffordshire Bull Terrier over. Cost £95 from Pets at Home. We are in the Akbuk/ Didim area.
  3. S

    Dog Crate Wanted

    Does anyone have a dog crate available for flying a dog back to the UK? PM with details please. Am in the Dalaman area, but can travel within reason. Thanks
  4. perfect1949

    the price of a crate of efe's at metro

    bought a create yesterday and after your deposit it is now 68 TL a create , works out at 2.88 a bottle , still not bad but it as gone up 10 TL since last month . dave
  5. J

    Large dog crate required

    Hi We are planning to fly our dog back to England at the end of April and just wanted to check whether anyone has a large dog crate out in the Fethiye region for sale? It would need to be the XL size as William is 75cm height, length 110cm. regards Nicola
  6. teosgirl

    WANTED /advice- medium/large dog crate

    Hi, I'm desperately searching for a crate suitable for air-transportation of a medium-sized dog. I have been informed that the crate should be big enough for the dog to stand (it will be a long flight) and I believe a medium-sized crate will be suitable. Does anyone have one to sell, or could...
  7. I

    Medium dog crate?

    Anybody know where I can find a cheap medium dog crate near Turgutreis. The only ones I have seen cost a fortune. Any help much appreciated. :)
  8. M

    Large Dog Crate Required

    Does anyone have a large dog crate to sell or donate to a Dutch lady who is trying to rescue a mother and puppy to take back to Holland. Please PM for further info if you can help. Thanks Mandy
  9. matty

    Iata dog crate for sale

    IATA Large Pet Airline Carrier... Measurements: 22ins 56ms Wide 34.1/2ins 88cms High 46ins 117cms Deep. Price 125 lira Selling to help fund 6 female kittens which will soon need to be spayed! Regards Matty.
  10. SandiBarbi

    Crate wanted for small dog

    Hi everyone I am returning to the UK next month just in time for Christmas and I'm taking my little dog with me, I rescued her hear in Turkey and i love her to bits, She is a small terrier and her name is Honey so I'm looking for a crate for her to travel in, I am currently in the Side area...
  11. B

    Pet Travel Crate

    Hi everyone, I will be going back to the UK in the next few weeks and am taking the dog and cat with me. Does anyone in the Bodrum area have a travel box to sell. My boy is a bit on the big side - about the size of a German Shepherd. I know I have to measure him properly but I do know he stands...
  12. B

    dog crate

    does the pet shop in didim sell dog crates,or cages for keeping your dog in whilst going out for safety and so he wont rip things up as hes a chewer
  13. YogiPJ

    Anyone got an unwanted Crate / Kennel

    Hi As some of you may have seen I am desparately searching for a home for a lovely pup outside my house. Temporarily he needs a shelter. I tried to search for a crate of some kind which will shelter him from wind and rain yesterday but couldnt find one. I will cover the inside with plastic...
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