1. Harem

    Facebook crashed?

    Anybody else having problems this morning? Facebook suddenly crashed!
  2. Firefox

    Drink Driver Crashed Home

    I had a very bad night sleep last night when two rich russian lads crashed their porsche next door to me. They were High on Champagne & Smirnoff. I can’t wait till England goes Shira Law so we can get these idiots Flogged. Porsche left balancing precariously over ledge after smashing through...
  3. R

    'Come Fly' Pilot crashed

    On Saturday the 7th June in the evening a very tragic accident happened. The pilot of 'Come Fly' the microlite company in Dalyan crashed and the man died, apparently there was a passenger but he survived. Some are saying he crashed into the road and some are saying a mountain but it is very sad...
  4. Andy


    Did we have a crash out on the Forum this Afternoon or was it just me. *
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