1. IbrahimAbi

    Jose Reyes killed in car crash

    RIP Jose.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Train crash in Turkey

    Thoughts go out to the injured and relatives.
  3. V

    24 dead in Turkish train crash

    Turkey train crash: 24 die and 318 are injured following heavy rain | Daily Mail Online
  4. B

    Lira Crash?

    I would like your opinion on the current state of the Turkish Lira. Although I know nobody has a crystal ball, do you think it will completely crash?
  5. C

    Aircraft crash lands Trabzon

    A pegasus airways Boeing 737 carrying 162 passengers and crew, has crash landed at Trabzon airport on the Black sea. The aircraft came to rest on a cliff just above the sea. reports say no one was injured and the airport has re-opened. A spokesman has claimed , they can now avoid customs and...
  6. mollag

    Car crash Foreign Relations.

    Turkey does seem to stagger from one diplomatic car crash to another very quickly, Erdogan still licking his wounds from Russia and Israel, now seems intent on really pissing off Germany, good luck with that Recip...
  7. croftj

    Boris Car Crash Interview

    The TLF Klan are remarkably quiet today about Boris's bumbling interview on Radio 4 yesterday. Wonder if/when they wake from their slumber, they will give him the same treatment they dished out re Diane Abbott (who I think was rightly slated BTW for her interviews) :42::hearnoevi
  8. ted j

    Batman dead.....Hamster in car crash

    Adam West who played Batman in the 60's has died at home aged 88 Rjchard Hammond has been seriously injured in another car crash
  9. V

    Fatal hot air balloon crash

    Sad to see another hot air balloon crash in Capaddocia has left one dead and 20 injured. The 3rd so far this year. Hot air balloon crash in Turkey kills 1 tourist, hurts 20 | Daily Mail Online
  10. K

    Turkish Cargo Plane Crash

    Plane has crashed on houses, many feared dead. Kyrgyzstan plane crash: Dozens die as Turkish cargo jet hits homes - BBC News
  11. K

    Black Sea plane crash

    Russia examines all possible reasons for Black Sea jet crash Posted: Dec 25, 2016 8:22 AM Updated: Dec 25, 2016 11:23 PM The plane was carrying the famous Russian army choir. (Source: Raycom Media) The plane was carrying the famous Russian army choir. (Source: Raycom Media) By VLADIMIR...
  12. immac

    Condom Sales to Crash

    If you are holding stocks of condoms in Turkey, you should sell! sell! sell! From Independent: extract "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said “no Muslim family” should practice contraception and urged women to have more children. Speaking at an educational foundation in Istanbul on...
  13. suzyq

    EgyptAir Flight Plane Crash

    An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board was very likely brought down by a terror attack, experts said today. The Airbus A320 left the French capital's Charles De Gaulle Airport at 9.09pm GMT last night before coming down off the...
  14. S

    UK house price crash.

    Interesting article in the Telegraph yesterday predicting a UK house price crash. Blaming for example interest rate rises, Big foreign buyers pulling out, buy to rent market collapsing, tough economic times ahead.
  15. teosgirl

    Russian plane crash

    Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Over Egypt Tragic news, I can't imagine the final moments of the lives of those onboard, and all those waiting for loved ones to arrive home. Charlotte
  16. Yalides

    Alton Towers crash Watching this young lady talking and doing her...
  17. N

    Shoreham Air Crash.

    A plane, a Hawker Hunter fighter crashed at the annual Shoreham Air Show yesterday killing 7 people. The pilot apparently flew too low to complete a loop the loop and crashed into the road, A27 causing a massive fire ball. The pilot is critically ill in hospital. My friend phoned me from her...
  18. IbrahimAbi

    UK Private plane crash

    It seems that the plane that crashed into the car auction was carrying members of the Bin laden family:
  19. tykatem

    Balloon crash in Cappadocia

    At least 12 South Korean tourists were injured when a hot-air balloon they were traveling in crashed in the popular Turkish resort of Denizli's Pamukkale district. The reason of the crash is still unknown. The wounded tourists were taken to Denizli Private Health Hospital. Last December, a...
  20. Jaycey

    Harrison Ford plane crash leaves actor injured

    Actor known for roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars films reportedly conscious and breathing after crashing small plane on golf course in California. Harrison Ford plane crash leaves actor injured | Film | The Guardian [Comment] “The FBI suspect Harrison Ford's plane crash was a deliberate...
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