1. juco

    Should we fed this crap?

    Pity is wasnt the owner it may have knocked some sense in to him. Is that the best the BBC can find as news worthy!
  2. C crap

    Is everyone else having the same problems as us when trying to use outlook?? Often i cant access emails,its so slow,don't receive emails,trying to change settings, :splat: etc ?? if so!! have you change to another provider and which one :hmm: is the best do you think?? . Bring back Hotmail and...
  3. niyaz


    There is so much crap on this forum that I cannot comprehend. It was a murder of a soldier and that's all there is to it. A Christian becomes a Muslim and murders a soldier. And that is all there is to it. But tom. dick and harry have to drag Islam into it. I get sick of idiots in this forum who...
  4. P

    Clarkson in the crap.

    BBC News - Sack Jeremy Clarkson over strike comments, Unison urges
  5. tykatem

    How crap is your password?

    Own up: SplashData created the rankings based on millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. Here is the complete list: •1. password •2. 123456 •3.12345678 •4. qwerty •5. abc123 •6. monkey •7. 1234567 •8. letmein •9. trustno1 •10. dragon •11. baseball •12. 111111 •13...
  6. S

    Strictly Crap!

    As someone who detests such mind numbing dross as X Factor, Strictly etc my dislike for such low quality entertainment appeared fully justified this evening. Anyone who can find that aged unfunny Tory Forsythe remotely amusing needs a full frontal labotomy. I had the misfortune of witnessing...
  7. bobthenob

    Animal Crap

    l'm intrigued by the different types of animal crap in and around my garden.Some of the animal waste has different lengths width and color.So l started a little investigation myself into the search for who done it sort of thing. Because of the droppings around the walls and inside the storage...
  8. ceemac

    Dog Crap Disposal

    There was a discussion on radio yesterday about dog owners and how they dispose of their dog's faeces. I have noticed whilst out and about that little plastic bags containing the crap are disposed of all over the place - I even found one a month or so ago left on the roof of my car which was...
  9. P

    my crap holiday in the dominican republic

    my crap holiday hotel in the dominican republic we arrived at our hotel and it was sleazy it was suppose to be 3* but it was none ,as my hubbie said even baby jesus had 1* food was crap room was crap it was all inclusive at the bar and the choice was rum ,gin,beer,house cocktail,i asked for...
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